Monday Inspiration.

I’m sitting next to a cute baby in a café and googling wedding cakes. No, it’s not time for Rob to start running for the hills (although, he probably took off running the moment he heard the word ‘baby’), it’s just been that kind of week, filled with revision and a whole ton of ‘meh’, so I’m using my new obsession – Pinterest – for some good old fashioned escapism.

I realise it’s not Monday – but it will be! Next Monday (the 12th) is the end of all of my stinky exams and essay deadlines and I can’t wait! Here are a couple of inspirational odds and ends that have been helping me to keep on keeping on, even though I am the worst under pressure, and exam season seems like a never-ending nightmare to me. (I know, I know #dramaqueen, but ugh, I hate exams. I’m pretty sure everybody feels this way, right?)

1: In my new room next year I’m planning to fill a whole wall with inspirational quotes, all nicely and artily displayed. Pinterest is a goldmine for this stuff.

Q1 Q3
Q4 Q5

I really love these. So simple, so nicely displayed, and some really inspirational stuff which we could all do with a reminder of every now and again. That last one is simply gorgeous.

2. Stripes. Simple, summery elegance (and some cute babes – Pinterest is full of teeny weeny fashionistas rocking striped onesies, striped tees and striped socks. Adorable.) I have a bit of a penchant for a wardrobe full of stripy tees, but you can never have too many…

S1 S2
S3 S4

My Mum used to wear these gorgeous stripy t-shirts all the time (until I stole them from her, and now I wear them all the time!) and they remind me of holidays, lazy summer days, and cuddles with Mama (so – no surprise I love them even more during stressful exam times!)

3. Colour. Haha, how lame, right? I know, I know, but London is sooo grey at the moment I just want lots of colourful treasures to brighten up my days!

C1 C2
C3 C4

Above: 1: I love this image! More of the kind of bold minimalism I want for my room. 2: This phone case is so cute. I have no plans, and absolutely no desire to become a millionaire, but I would be simply darling at it! 3: Roasted Broccoli. The new easy peasy way for me to make a healthy dinner without actually having to do anything. Cut, oil, oven, done. Perfect. 4: This mobile is so simple to make and I love the geometric shapes and pops of colour. Sign me up for twenty, please!

That’s it, I hope you have enough inspiration to get you through until Monday, and I really hope it’s sunny where you are.

Big Love, PV x

*All images are from Pinterest. You can view them, and find out more information by clicking through the links on my Pinterest profile, here.