Medical Marvel.

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of my exams swiftly approaching. (and also the sound of my sanity, productivity and social life swiftly galloping away in the opposite direction.)

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Yup. Exams. I haven’t posted in about a million years because I have been pretty busy trying to revise and write essays and stop myself from eating all-of-the-chocolate-all-of-the-time. I seriously don’t even know how I got my hands on this much chocolate, but it’s not gonna end well.

The problem with my revision strategy – I won’t lie to you – is that I’m a time waster. Always have been, always will be. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am busy all the time, but sometimes when I have to revise it is literally the last thing that I can ever get around to doing. I always find so much else to do! This results in me having to have stern words with myself and just force myself to get on and do it. Which leads to a half-crazed, unwashed, half-dressed, unhappy Georgi emerging ingloriously into the light of day when the fire alarm goes off in our building (again!), wondering how it got to be midday and what year it is.

I’ve also been working a couple more shifts at the bar which is a massive plus because I get to talk to real live humans, serve drinks, and help myself to unlimited free coffee . During less busy periods I have taken to cleaning the whole bar from top to bottom over and over again until somebody gives me something to do (or my boss yells at me to ‘Stop cleaning!!’)

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I also went to the dentist recently (what exciting stories – you lucky people) because some pain in my teeth was interfering with my ability to eat my weight in cucumber and hummus.
If someone hit me in the head with an axe it would probably take me two weeks to get around to going to hospital, but I’m not above causing a major international incident (and fake-limping, fake-crying and fake-calling-my-parents-to-tearfully-tell-them-that-my-promising-gymnastics-career-is-ruinedforever) if somebody accidentally steps on my toe. So it was that I took myself off to the dentist (read – my Mum put me under house arrest until I made an appointment) and told them that my tooth was a bit ouchy. Turns out, hilariously, said tooth has decided to casually start eating itself in an effort to vacate my mouth. So rude. There’s a technical name for it, but the long and short of it is that my tooth has decided to leave, and has done this in the same way that a human might saw off his own arm (127 hours style) to escape a tight spot. Obviously, I’m a bit upset about this, not least because the tooth in question happens to be my front tooth. The one right in the front. At least my Dentist seemed to be quite chuffed – he printed off my X-Ray to show to all his friends.
Here’s hoping my tooth doesn’t snap off into my salad one day when I’m least expecting it… (that would be a terrible thing to happen on a first date, at a job interview, or at a formal dinner. Any other time I guess it would actually be okay – just saying ;))

Puggy did some research and came up with a couple of ideas for replacement teeth if the worst should ever happen, including one massive tooth, and tooth with puggy’s face on. Hmm… [Puggy has kindly dramatised my tooth struggle in case you needed a visual explanation 😉 ]


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I also went to the chiropractor which was super interesting and although I won’t bore you with the details (but why not? you bore us with everything else? Shhh, you) my chiropractor did express surprise, and seemed pretty impressed that “your tiny neck manages to support your massive head.” I’m a total medical marvel.  (and yes I know he basically called me a bobble head. Maybe I should develop a line of PrettyVacantPirate novelty bobble-head ornaments for my many fans? I’ll work on it….)

Apart from revision craziness I’ve not done a whole lot and have enjoyed chilling with family and friends and continuing my #100happydays project

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One day remind me to tell you the story of the time I went to this amazing Tiki cocktail bar and they gave me a hollow pineapple for my Pina Colada and it was the best thing ever for about five minutes and then I realised that I had to carry a really heavy pineapple around for the whole night so I ended up downing about a pint of pina colada just so I could put the silly thing down and stop carrying it around like a baby 😉

Big Love, PV x

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