Easter Favourites

It’s Easter. Easter is here. Throw away your clothes.

From here on in, it’s sun, sea and sand until you’re so sick of ice cream you’ll have to limit yourself to three cones a day and one after dinner.

I hope you own a lot of bikinis/ swim shorts/ whatever you like to wear when it’s sunning outside, because you’re going to be wearing them until August. Get ready, baby….

Okay, okay, I’ll stop. But just because it may, in reality, be literally raining, it doesn’t mean you can go ahead and rain all over my metaphorical parade. I love the sun! And Easter, for me, will always be the herald of sunnier days to come.

My April favourites are here and they are all suitably spring-like and focused on getting everything ready for the summer ahead. Ain’t nothing wrong with being hopeful, chicks ❤

Easter Buddies

1: Boxing Hares Lavender Sleep mask, £25, here 2: Tiny Easter Chick Necklace (awww!), £22, here 3: Bunny Cosmetic Case, £18.95, here 4: Bunny Phone Case, £25, here 5: Cupid’s Bow and Arrow Watch, £17.60, here

Flower girls


1: Orchid Garland Hairband, £12, here 2: Oversized Bun Garland, £4.99, here 3: Floral Cami, £15, here 4: Hawaiian Rose Hair Garland, £5.99, here 5: Hair Crown, £18, here 6: Pineapple Turban, £6, here

I think the red or white ‘bun garlands’ are a perfect, less-garish option for days when you don’t want to go full on flower-crown!

Meanwhile, yes it was super rainy here today, but here’s to hoping it will be sunnier tomorrow!

IMG_3245 IMG_3246 IMG_3247 IMG_3254

(I went to the Witterings with Rob’s family and it was a bit soggy!)

Big Love, PV x