Glitter Easter Eggs!

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Glitter! I love glitter so much. Put it on birthday cards, phone cases, jewellery, your face, gifts, stationary, the faces of your loved ones, or basically anywhere that could do with a bit of sparkle and it’s always a total winner.

I wanted to make some fun Easter decorations this year and had a very elaborate plan involving painting eggs, but I couldn’t get the paint to stick and Pinterest told me that you have to go through some hideously complex process of dying the eggs, and quite frankly ain’t nobody got time for that. So I turned to glitter, and it worked amazingly.

I also chose to make these eggs into sort of Easter cards, or Fortune cookies, by stashing Easter messages inside, but you can skip this step and just make decorations if you’d prefer. (And if you don’t want glittery eggshell spread all over the place. My Uni’ room is already a strange glittery grotto filled with flaky PVA glue where I like to fester and procrastinate my revision, buuut maybe that’s just me…)

Here’s how I made these gorgeous glittery beauties…

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First, you need to empty out your eggs by ‘blowing’ them. Simple poke a hole in each end with a pin, hold the egg over a bowl, and blow through the top hole, so that the contents of the egg is pushed out of the lower hole and into the bowl. Sounds a bit weird, but it’s easier than you think, and it can help to pierce the yolk with the pin first. If you don’t want to waste all of the egg, use it for omelettes, french toast or cakes! (see recipes for French toast here and here)

Now your eggs are empty shells, carefully wash them out with clean water so that there is no residue left inside. If you want to keep the eggs as decorations, you can also cover them, inside and out, with PVA glue, Modge Podge or other craft glue to strengthen them. I skipped this step because I wanted the eggs to be easy to crack open.

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Now, the glittery part! Use masking tape to tape off one half, or one end, of your egg in a straight line, and paint the to-be-glittered end with PVA glue (or other craft glue). Dip, roll, or douse your egg in glitter (I chose a classic gold and silver palette, but it’s totally up to you) until completely covered. Leave to dry. (While your glittery eggs are drying, it can be useful to store them in their original carton, but if you already threw this away, egg cups, shot glasses or circular objects like rings, or these small rolls of tape, will work just as well)

Once dry, peel off the tape to reveal a perfectly straight edge to your glittery accents. Gorgeous.

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At this point, you can either carefully feed a needle and thread through the top and bottom holes in order to hang your egg as a decoration, or you can move onto the next step and make your eggs into fortune-cookie style ‘easter cards’.

To make your fortune-eggs, write out small easter greetings on thin strips of paper and cut them out. Wrap them up as tightly as you can (it can help to wrap them around a thin object such as a pin or a cocktail stick), and then, using your pin, chip away carefully at the hole in the top of your egg (the non-glittery end), until it is enlarged enough for you to stuff your little note inside. Do this with all of your eggs.

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You can now add glitter for an extra sparkle when the egg is opened, with the aid of a small funnel (I fashioned one out of a scrap of paper), or leave the eggs as they are for a clean, simple effect. 

If you’ve had any egg-casualties along the way (happens to the best of us) you can superglue fragments of egg shell over the holes at the top of your eggs to keep the glitter in and give your eggs an (almost) seamless look.

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Wrap your eggs carefully (I used these plastic eggs which I found in Sainsbury’s, along with some protective tissue paper) and prepare to spread delight when you invite your friends to crack open these little glitter bombs to reveal their message.

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Happy Easter! Big Love,

PV x