Sweet French Toast

Whenever I drink Apple juice, it reminds me of being six years old and visiting my Nanny and Grandad. Nanny just adored us kids, and would keep us topped up with apple juice, wafer biscuits and eggy bread. I always remember her putting the bread on the plate burnt-side down and telling us that we weren’t allowed to turn it over and show anyone that she’d burnt it! Whether she really did burn it or not, it always tasted amazing, and it brings back special memories.

My Dad, thanks to our near-constant requests, must have made about a million batches of ‘eggy bread’ over the years, and I have fond memories of Abi and I huddled together on the sofa, planning our next act of mischief and gleefully awaiting ‘Daddy’s eggy bread’. We always smothered it in way too much salt (when he wasn’t looking), and it is surely a testament to our Dad’s patience and adoration of us that he never once complained about our greasy fingerprints (or our penchant for eggy-bread-parties at six in the morning!)

Do you remember the French Toast roll-ups I made a couple of weeks back? I’ve recently had major cravings for a savoury version, so this delicious salty treat was perfect. I whipped up some sweet and savoury french toast (perfect for a student who may have, hypothetically, reached the end of their student loan, and may, hypothetically, have a fridge full of eggs, stale bread and not much else – oops) Anyway, this recipe actually calls for eggs, bread and not much else. Don’t you just love it when that happens?

Don’t forget that Easter is around the corner and if you want to partake in crafting easter decorations, you can carefully ‘blow’ the eggs, keeping the shells intact, and use them for Easter crafts! (I’ll be posting DIYs next week!)

Here we go –

Classic Eggy Bread

IMG_2821 IMG_2824


Simply slice your bread and dip it in a ‘bath’ of gently whisked egg (but don’t make it too soggy!) Gently fry on both sides until it is crispy and golden. Serve, add any sides you want, and enjoy feeling like a proper adult for making a dinner with more than two ingredients. Well done you.

IMG_2826 IMG_2830

If you want to get extra fancy, don’t forget that you can add extra flavours in at any stage of this process. I had a craving and went with it, and ended up with Chocolate Orange French Toast!

I added orange zest and the juice of half an orange to the egg ‘bath’ as well as a teaspoon of cinnamon. After frying, I added shavings of dark chocolate and extra sugar. Yummy.

IMG_2831 IMG_2842

Go ahead and give these a go if you fancy mixing up your breakfast, lunch or dinner. I made these bad boys super early in the morning before heading out for a busy day in the city (that makes me sound so much more busy and important than I actually am, but, you know, LONDON) and it was perfect.

IMG_2849 IMG_2848

Big Love (get those egg shells ready for the next DIY – Easter is a-coming!)

PV x