(I love) Love letters

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I’m a massive believer in the idea that the greatest gift you can give somebody is your time (or maybe Oreos), but when you live far away from the object(s) of your adoration, this can be tricky. One of the ways I try and send my love to those I love is to be a good old fashioned romantic and send a letter. I’ve recently stepped up my letter writing game, and I thought I’d share some tips, which I hope will inspire you to send off some postal love of your own!


The first thing your lucky recipient will see when your letter arrives is the envelope! I recently ‘pinned’ these beautifully addressed letters on Pinterest, and here’s how to address your own. (Or at least, my own slightly less elegant version!)

1. Write out your address in neat, joined up writing.



2. Add an extra line on the left edge of each letter



3. Finally, go over your wording, filling in that space you just added to the left of each letter, and smoothing the shapes of the letters as you go.

IMG_2061 IMG_2063

I love this style, and played around with combining it with a simpler, neater script, just to make sure that the postman can read it!

IMG_2072 IMG_2213



This is the important bit. It doesn’t matter what you write, just try and imagine you are having a conversation with the person you are writing to, and don’t forget that you can add small embellishments and little details which will fill your letters with love!

IMG_2128 IMG_2200IMG_2143 IMG_2134

How lovely is that? And so simple. You can so easily send off something that will be lovely to receive in the post, with a few extra details that make all the difference.

IMG_2203 IMG_2201


Look at all that yummy stationery! I hope you’ve been inspired to spread the love,

Big Love,

PV x