Monday Updates

Greetings, Interweblings.


I sincerely apologise for my recent lack of posts (I know, I know you probably didn’t notice, but shhh) I have been super busy with all sorts of things which are either too boring or too exciting to post about 😉 (just kidding, I haven’t done anything too scandalous just recently…)

I have gone and got myself a(nother) job, this time working behind the bar on campus. It’s great fun, flexible and all that, and even though eight hour shifts starting at 8pm are kind of emotionally and physically harrowing (#dramaqueen) at least I have a ton of good vomit anecdotes. Ah, vomit anecdotes… useful for any occasion.

I have also been writing an incredibly long and difficult essay about Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Othello, which I actually found really, really interesting and got way too excited about, but it did take up every waking moment for like, the past three hundred years, so I have been missing out on blogging time. I have started picking up on all of the phallic imagery in Shakespeare because of the topic of my essay, and there is a lot of it. Everytime anybody opens their mouths there’s probably a genitalia reference, and don’t even get me started on the sword fights… Anyway, that is quite enough of that. (I made my toy pug a macbook so he could share my essay pain. Descent into insanity – check.)

IMG_1989 IMG_2011 IMG_2012 IMG_2016

I have sneakily downloaded the Pinterest app onto my phone and can now be found whenever I have a spare moment (and sometimes in lectures – nnnnnaughty) scrolling through all those pages of inspirational DIYs, home spaces and sewing tutorials, and then keenly adding them to an ever growing list of things I will never have time to do. Robert finds it deeply, deeply funny watching me ‘pin’ articles titled ‘three light fixtures that rock!’ or ‘white walls vs cream walls – the crucial debate’ or ‘More ways to reuse milk bottles than you will ever find time for in your whole lifetime, even if you’re a really big tea drinker and you have seven cats’. Okay, I made that last one up, but you get the jist of why I love pinterest so fricking much.

Pinterest 1

1- Amazing Calligraphy 2- Cute tea cups! (Personalised with Sharpies)

Pinterest 2

3 – Tiny Leather wallets 4- Animal toppers for jars (you know how I love jars!) 5 – Galaxy print envelopes *swooon*

I have also fallen, hard, for Brick Lane. ‘Oh that slightly downmarket slightly hipster area at the back of shoreditch that sometimes does a good curry?’ I hear you cry. No no no, Brick Lane is a total wonderland of eclectic coffee houses, amazingly cheap bagels, vintage shops, markets, graffiti, world food, hipsters (difficult to control hipsters really) and, yes, amazing curry. It might just be my favourite place on earth. And I’ve been to a lot of places  a fair few places.

IMG_1732 IMG_1725

As far as the blog goes, I am planning (planning being the operative word, but still!) planning lots and lots of exciting posts over the next week (which will hopefully come to fruition and I will get the privilege of sharing more of my life with you lovely people, so stay tuned!

So nice to chat, Big Love,

PV x