Super quick Phone Case DIY

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The lovely Rob recently gifted me a beautiful stripy phone case, and this set off an avalanche of phone case ideas in my little head. I love phone cases, I’m the girl that (very) recently had a pair of dungarees made up for a cuddly toy of mine (why am I so cool?) so ‘outfits’ for my phone is totally my thing.

Rather than investing in lots of different phone cases, I’ve found an easy, cute way to switch up your phone case whenever you want. What a lovely person I am (;

Here we go…

1. You will need to acquire a clear plastic phone case which fits your phone. I bought mine on Amazon for less than £2 including postage, and it’s the best investment I’ve ever made #priorities

2. Now choose the photos, quotes or patterns which you’d like for your case. I made the pictures the right size in a word document and then printed them out, as well as stealing a scrap of some gorgeous wrapping paper. I chose photos which make me happy as well as some book covers and adorable pictures of pugs. You could use birthday cards (as long as the card is not too thick), patterned paper or any printed image you like.

IMG_1809 IMG_1812

3. Carefully trim your designs so that the corners are rounded. Put your paper into the case to check the fit, and then trace the hole which needs to be cut out for the camera (if your phone has one). Cut this out very carefully with sharp scissors

IMG_1813 P1020713

4. Now simply slip your design carefully into the plastic phone case and pop your phone in. You can optionally use a craft glue such as mod podge to make your design permanent, but I made so many of these babies I think I’ll be switching them in and out every day!




P1020726 P1020731 P1020735 P1020734



A very quick and easy DIY, and I’m loving the results!

Big Love,

PV x