Monochrome Gallery Wall


That’s me being excited that my wall is all finished, it was so fun (and surprisingly easy) to put together!

IMG_1547 IMG_1628 - Version 2
IMG_1520 IMG_1537

I collected tons of inspirational images (on Pinterest – my new favourite thing, you can peek at my collection here) before embarking on this project, and I was able to collect simple supplies, such as magazines, paper, tape and paint from a local supermarket. I picked up the embroidery hoops seen on the left hand side from a charity shop – score! #coolkid

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Aren’t these inspiration spaces amazing? I especially like the last picture because taping rather than nailing things is essential for my University room! I have also been a little obsessed with Washi tape lately (it’s so pretttttyyyy) so that’s major plus.

All of the basic elements were made from either plain paper or magazine pages with paint, sharpie or pens. This was a chance for me to incorporate some favourite quotes and motifs, and by sticking to the colour scheme it was easy to create a group of posters that look good together.

IMG_1563 IMG_1631

The quote on the black paper (in the top picture) was Rob’s suggestion when I asked him ‘what kind of quotes should I put on my wall?’. Man, I love that boy.

The black constellation print (right next to my irreverent glittery homage to the Bard) I made in twenty minutes with a white gel pen and some bastille lyrics (I’m dead chuffed with it!) Finally, the black and white pattern was made with my own fine fingers and some black paint. Best afternoon ever (;

IMG_1633 IMG_1537

The embroidery hoops are my favourite element, I think they definitely add something (see the picture above of the unfinished wall!) Chelsey and I spent an evening watching movies and doodling on a pair of black jeans (which I bought from a charity shop) and Chelsey came out with this gorgeous koi fish design which I absolutely adore! It adds something so elegant to my wall, and I paired it with some simple patterned designs which we stretched over the embroidery hoops and hung on the wall right then and there.

IMG_1544 IMG_1546 IMG_1545 IMG_1554

Finally, the black and white bunting at the top is made from the pages of an H&M catalogue. I picked black and white pages, cut them into triangles and attached them to lengths of string using glue. It was super simple and I think pretty effective.

IMG_1565 IMG_1630

I’m so happy with the finished wall, and I would so encourage anyone to give this a go. I hardly had to buy any supplies, and the finished result adds so much to my room!

Eeeeee! So excited.
I’m definitely feeling black and white colour schemes this week and got my selfie on in lush monochrome #toselfieishealthy

Big Love, PV x

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