Our Shaun

Our Shaun was on Sunday and it went so well!


Scott: All the other directors had said that you go through a moment of terror and then it gradually turns into excitement and then once it’s all finished you end up feeling really sad, and I think that’s exactly how it went. Beforehand we still had a lot that I was worried about but once we got into it and we got the first few laughs, I think it flowed well and by the end I was really happy with it!

I’d definitely do it again, I’d say I’ve learnt more from doing this than I could have learnt any other way. And not just about how to put a production on, but how to deal with people too!

I’m really, really proud of everyone that took part in the process and hopefully we’ve all come out the other side better off! For some of the cast this was their first production with QMTC and hopefully they’ve gained from it, and the newbies have been able to learn from our more experienced second and third years like Tom, Naomi and Mark. I’d be happy to work with any of them again and I’ll definitely have the cast in mind when I’m writing again!

IMG_1245 IMG_1246

Any advice you wish you’d had when you started doing this?

I would say, well part of me would want to say, ‘do a much simpler production!’, because everything will be so much easier, but on the other side of that I would say carry on because I’ve learnt so much doing it the way I have. 

What’s next?

The next thing that’s coming up is pitching for Edinburgh [fringe festival], whether or not I’ll have something written by then is a different question! I’m working on two or three things at the moment, one called ‘the white box’, one set on the millennium bridge, and one set on the underground…

IMG_1242 IMG_1233 IMG_1036 w

I’m excited. So, so proud of Scott and all the cast, and so happy that everything went so well.

Big Love, PV x