Flatmate Friday – Chelsey

I didn’t have WiFi to upload this yesterday so if y’all could turn a blind eye to my blatant tardiness, that would be smashing… ❤

Flatmate Saturday


Memories, Metal and Michelle Pfeiffer with Chelsey Gilmour

PV: Hello Chelsey! Please introduce yourself to these lovely people!

Chelsey: My name is Chelsey Gilmour and I’m from Wales. I’m nineteen and I’m studying Zoology.

PV: Sounds very interesting, tell us about why you’ve chosen Zoology and what it is!

Chelsey: Basically this first year just covers all aspects of Biology. We do labs, (which is the bane of my life!), physiology – which is cells and organelles…

PV: Oh gosh, what’s an organelle? In fact, no wait don’t tell me!!

Chelsey: [laughs] We also cover biochem. and we do evolution and ecology

PV: Interesting

Chelsey: Evolution is, but ecology isn’t… it’s about trees!

PV: [laughs] and what do you want to do with your degree?

Chelsey: Hopefully work in a zoo in Australia.

PV: and what’s your favourite animal?

Chelsey: Cats! come on now… [laughs]

PV: So, where are you from in Wales?

Chelsey: I’m from North Wales, in a little town called Llandudno (I’ll give you the spelling for that!), and it’s basically on the coast of north west Wales. My house is actually two minutes walk from the beach, you walk out, down the road and you’re on the beach, which is pretty cool. The town is basically this little flat area with loads of houses and little shops and stuff, it’s really quaint. On either side of the town is a mountain, and the bigger one in the West is called the great Orme and the one in the east is called the little Orme… creative names [laughs] It’s kind of boring, there’s a small gene pool of people to know! There’s a lot of small town dramas and stuff like that.

PV: And what was it like growing up in North Wales? Is there anything cool or different about your childhood there?

Chelsey: I guess it’s nice knowing every last bit of it like the back of your hand – every last little street. and you recognise loads of people when you’re out and about, it’s really weird.

PV: and what made you decide to come to London?

Chelsey: I love London. I just love cities and London’s the best. I come here every summer on holiday and I just love it. I couldn’t have imagined being anywhere else for Uni really.

PV: and you took a Gap Year didn’t you?

Chelsey: Unfortunately!

PV: What did you do?

Chelsey: I worked in a well known retail store called ASDA! [laughs] I am grateful that I actually have work experience, which is good.

PV: Exactly!
Now, I want to talk to you about clothing and fashion in general, I know you’re sort of an expert at that sort of thing!

Chelsey: Well, I try… it never looks how I want it to look! [laughs] I know what I like when I see it, and I do spend a lot of time just looking at clothes! I follow a lot of fashion blogs.

PV: I have prejudices about the fashion industry, but you, especially, and also Imogen, I see that you are very empowered by the clothes you wear!

Chelsey: Yeah, clothes are important, I think they’re probably the most important part of how I see myself, and it’s fun! I have a healthy attitude towards clothes, I basically wear what I want. [laughs] I can’t be bothered with like ‘ohh I’m going to look fat in this’, or anything like that, I just try and style my clothes to make me feel good when I’m wearing them!

PV: On which note [laughs] what will you be wearing next Saturday night!?

Chelsey: I will be dressing as catwoman! [laughs] Michelle pfeiffer style, 1992! I will be sporting a sleeveless  black jumpsuit, my black ASOS boots, lace cat ears and hopefully claws! With lots of makeup!

 That’s Chelsey second from the right!

PV: How have you found nights out in London generally? That’s something I don’t really blog about…

Chelsey: Before I came here I had this impression that.. I don’t really know how to say this.. that it’d be a bit sort of dodgy, or dangerous, being out in London late, but it’s actually fine!

PV: It can be quite glamourous sometimes

Chelsey: Yeah! It’s slightly more expensive than I thought it would be , but it’s good. It’s a lot better than Llandudno! [laughs]

PV: Always a compliment!
Talking of nights out brings us back to Freshers week! We were talking the other day about our first impressions of each other, and, given that you and me are now very close friends, our first impressions were quite funny, do you want to share that little anecdote? [laughs]

Chelsey: Welll… initially it was brought up by Scott in Fabric [a nightclub] he just turns and says to me “Chelsey – are you bi?” [laughs], and I just went “no! why do you ask” and he’s just like “well I thought you were” [laughs], and then this whole topic came up later and I apparently came across as a ‘bisexual misfit goth!’ [laughs]

PV: I don’t know how this happened! We all really liked you! It just goes to show I guess… but may I say my first impression was partly right, what did you admit to me just minutes before this interview began?!

Chelsey: [laughs] I have a guilty pleasure, which is that I secretly listen to quite a lot of metal and screamo music, which I’m sure everyone will be happy to know!

PV: I thought you were more of a Mumford and Sons kinda girl…

Chelsey: Oh no! No, Georgi!

PV: So, what is your favourite metal/screamo song?

Chelsey: I don’t know, people are going to listen to it and think I’m weird! I don’t really have a favourite, I have a selection, I really like System of a Down, I saw them live at Leeds last year, they’re probably my favourite metal band because they were the first I got into, when I was thirteen [laughs]
I remember my first metal gig, I went to see the Fall of Troy with my best friend when I was fourteen. The most memorable part of it was when this massive girl [laughs] decided to crowd surf and I was at the front in the middle on the barrier. At a metal concert. I don’t know why I was at the front, it was a stupid idea, and basically this girl went over me, she kicked me in the head, my head banged on to a speaker, and I nearly passed out… [laughs]

PV: Well, moving right along…
Seeing as this is my first Flatmate Friday of the new year (I know it’s February, awks), what was your favourite memory from 2013?

Chelsey: Ooh there’s quite a few, I don’t think I can pick one! Umm, Meeting all of you guys!


PV: Aw!
And what are you really hopeful for in 2014?

Chelsey: I’m hoping that I get a 2:1 this year!… that I get a job? and be good with money because we need to afford our house deposit.

PV: don’t remind me…

Chelsey: and have fun!

PV: Yes! And finally, what are your personal style predictions for 2014?

Chelsey: Ooh, I’ve got this pencil skirt actually, and it’s really awesome and I love it, it’s sort of Cassie from skins, with a graphic t-shirt or something. I think my new thing for Spring will be the midi skirt trend! and rather than wearing boots all the time I’m going to try and look a bit more girly! I spent last year doing the whole grunge revival thing that everyone else was doing [laughs] having my hair black and wearing lots of denim, but I’ve gone a bit more girly now, lots of pink and lots of skirts!

PV: I can’t wait… 


I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing from Chelsey as much as I enjoy living with her. If you ever need advice on Organelles or 90s superheroes, she is your girl (;

Big Love, PV x