W/S Favourites

I know it’s a cliche, but I think the end of January is a rough time for everyone. Christmas and New Year is over, and you’ve come to the conclusion that the New Year does not in fact bring a New You. It just brings a Grumpy, Slightly Fatter You, cold weather and seasonal affective disorder. It’s not even snowy. ggaaaah.

Anyway, January is a good time for nesting under your duvet and devising a plan to dominate the world in the coming year. Orrrr, you could focus on doing little bits of organising and planning for the coming year. Personally, I prefer to slump around Campus complaining about the weather to anybody who will listen and sulkily reorganising my toiletries. Whatever floats your boat.

To take my mind off plans for world domination, and because I have had exactly zero duvet days in January thus far (I am not happy about this), I have begun to look forward to Spring, and to make the most of the last days of Winter, because cold weather can still be appreciated, by, you know, sadists. Or, people who own a lot of coats? I really struggle to understand Winter.

To this end, here are the Winter/Spring favourites which are keeping me optimistic…


1. Rocket! This charming little salad vegetable has a fiery kick. I love Rocket every day of the year, but eating green stuff in January makes me feel super healthy, and you can add it to any recipe (Even if your ‘recipe’ is a spoon and a tub of peanut butter, shhhhh)
2. Brussel Sprout Chips. I know, sprouts aren’t the most popular vegetables, but this Christmas I discovered a new love for them. I’ve also been super into alternatives to chips and crisps, such as these sweet potato and parsnip fries, so I can’t wait to give this superfood a new lease of life with this recipe from abeautifulmess.
3. Mojitos! This minty sugary cocktail is the perfect fresh drink for Spring. You could even steep mint leaves in boiling water for a non-alcoholic mint tea (and I won’t tell anyone if you slip a bit of rum in that too. It is January, I’m not judging) 😉
4. This Planetes black on black tote from Longchamp is the perfect getting-down-to-business handbag for a busy Londoner. (Okay I’m just trying to talk myself into buying it, but look how pretty!)
5. Black is such a versatile colour, and I’m living in my black Moto Jamie High Waisted Jeans from Topshop. I want another pair! They’re super durable and quite honestly the best pair of jeans I’ve ever owned.
6. Chai Latte mix. The Library on campus sell the most amazing vanilla chai lattes. They taste like milky caramel heaven with cinnamon and I am pretty addicted. I use them as a reward for getting essays done in the library (and sometimes just for getting up in the morning… It’s January!!)
The Karma necklace from Dogeared Jewellery. I have had a secret crush on this gorgeous piece ever since I saw it featured in this blog post. I don’t have an excuse for this one. I just think it’s really beautiful.
8. TOMS. In Black, Black bandana, Grey and Silver glitter. It’s time to put aside those black winter boots and slip into some TOMS. They’re durable and they’re good for the world. For every pair you buy, a pair of shoes goes directly to the feet of a child who needs shoes to go to school. What’s not to love? Pro-tip: If your feet are a UK size 5 or smaller, you can buy kids’ TOMS for half the price and one pair of shoes will still go to a child in need. #winning.
9. Last but not least, Flower Crowns! I’m really enjoying the trend for bigger and bigger flower crowns and although I can’t think of an event where I would wear one, they do make me really happy and hopeful for Spring!

I hope January has been kind to you guys… it’s nearly February, and it can only go up from here!

Big Love, PV x