New Year, and you’re still not Beyoncé. On the bright side…

I went to the supermarket and I bought… Guacamole, mixed olives, english muffins, rocket and three sweet potatoes

I went to the supermarket and I bought… Guacamole, mixed olives, eng – no, stop.

We are not in fact playing that game so well beloved by children which involves creating a fictitious list of fictitious purchases from a fictitious yet surprisingly well stocked supermarket and then taking turns to memorise and repeat that list, presumably for the purposes of entertainment. No. That odd collection of food was in fact my whole weekly shop. We’re having guacamole muffins for dinner, kids!

fist pump

The fact is that I have been spoilt by the bounty of my fridge at home, and more latterly by my housemate Imogen’s domestic prowess, and may have entirely forgotten how to deal with my own life. 

On the plus side, today I got out of bed, tidied my room, went to my lecture and my seminar, said some pretty seminal stuff about Conrad’s Heart of Darkness*, (although I missed the memo that we actually had to read it so I’m not entirely sure that my comments were relevant, apologies Conrad), ate brunch (no food in the flat, had to eat strange onions left over from last term – wouldn’t recommend), and took myself off to the supermarket (where I made a couple of rash decisions in the guacamole/hummus/tzatziki department, but I think I got away with it), came home, and watched Sherlock.


Sherlock was great. I mean, it actually was fantastic and when I’m done writing this I’m going to watch it again, but, well… It’s not that I’m not proud of my achievements today (being a functional and happy human being is always deserving of recognition)…

My Mum thinks I'm Cool

…Thank you Mother… but I sometimes feel like I could be doing a lot more with my time. I don’t want to suggest that watching TV and napping and making long lingering trips to the guacamole aisle aren’t worthwhile activities (I’m sorry I feel like this blog post is primarily about my obsession with guacamole, woops). It is important to give yourself time to do exactly what you want, but there is a point when you will look back and think maybe there were things you could have been doing while you were browsing Facebook or eating guacamole  from the tub with a spoon (somebody stop me).

IMG_0404 IMG_0402IMG_0401IMG_0388

To this end, I made a couple of New Year’s Resolutions, and some goals for 2014. These range from the benign (condition hair more often – yawn) to the ridiculous (complete weekly reading on time – already failed that one, apologies Conrad), but I thought I would share my most important goals and resolutions for the coming year…

1. See more of London! (I am aiming to see 52 new places this year – and I will be blogging about my favourites)

2. Improve the quality and frequency of my blog posts (I will be experimenting a lot over the coming months, so expect to see more from me, and, maybe but probably not, fewer rambling blog posts about guacamole and Heart of Darkness, apologies Conrad)

That’s it from me, I hope you have hopeful, ambitious goals for the New Year – always remember…


Big Love, PV x

*Looked up ‘seminal’ in a dictionary and had a bit of a giggle at it’s second meaning… hashtag cool kid