Breaking Bad Cushions – DIY

Rob and I were obsessed with Breaking Bad this year, so, as it has become a bit of a tradition for me to make him cushions at Christmas, I decided to take the iconic element symbols (Br and Ba) from the show’s title and transform them into cushions.

Breaking Bad Logo

I used dark green and white felt, and some sheets of self-adhesive white felt for the fiddly numbers, which saved a lot of time but is not essential.

This is such a simple project, but attention to detail is key, because the logo needs to be recognisable for what it is. The title screen of the show uses Helvetica Bold as the font for the lettering and numbers, so I printed out a template of all of the letters and numbers in the right typeface and at the right size, and then simply traced or pinned this onto my felt to cut out all of the white figures. You can download my template (for a 34cmx34cm cushion) by clicking the link, or make your own in Word. Breaking Bad Template


Next, I measured out two squares of green felt to the above dimensions. At this point, you can choose to make two cushions, each depicting one of the ‘elements’, or just one, with an element on both sides. Rob has plenty of cushions already so I chose to make one double sided cushion, but two would look great as a centrepiece, or as a gift for a couple (who also happen to love tales of meth-dealing chemistry teachers)…

P1020703 P1020704

I sewed it all together on my sewing machine, stitched the two squares together, good sides in, leaving a small gap in one corner, turned it inside out, added cushion stuffing, hand-stitched the small gap, and done. The little white numbers and symbols took forever, but I’m so happy with how this simple DIY turned out!P1020709 P1020710 P1020711 P1020712

PV x