Pair of Hearts Chopping Boards – DIY


I bought this pair of small sturdy wooden chopping boards from IKEA (these APTITLIG 24x15cm Boards) for £4 each. I wanted to upgrade them to a kind of whimsical-Jamie-Oliver-chopping-board affair, adding a simple design to make them into a charming pair which make a great gift for foodie couples.

1.P1020689 2. P1020690

3.P1020692 4.P1020696

1. Tape off a heart shape, one half on each board, making sure to tape the edges of both boards as well. 2. Using a fine grain sandpaper, carefully sand each board within the taped off area. This will preserve the finish off the rest of the board while giving you a good surface to paint. 3. Using a spray paint (I’m currently obsessed with metallics, but you could use any colour) or any type of non-toxic paint, fill in the sanded area, not forgetting edges of the boards. 4. Peel off the tape, and wash the board in warm soapy water to remove any residue.

P1020697 P1020699

And you’re done. This is another simple but lovely gift idea which you can make with a little effort and a little spray paint (and maybe an associated accidental-solvent-high), without spending a lot of money.


Big Love,

PV x