DIY: You’re Pretty (Message Mirror)


I made this mirror for my sister as a cute addition to her University room. It was really easy to do and I love how it turned out. I used this mirror (the BERLEVÅG Table mirror from IKEA) and Silver decoration spray paint from John Lewis (although you can get it anywhere, including Amazon, here) The silver spray paint comes out matte rather than glittery, which I love. I chose to write ‘You are so pretty’ but you can write anything you like.

1. First, cut out some chunky letters in black electrical tape. The easiest way to do this is to stick the tape onto sturdy plastic or a piece of laminated card and then cut the letters out before peeling them off. The less fiddly the letters are, the better, and I think that bold lettering like this works best. 2. Clean and dry the surface and the frame of your mirror and then making sure it is the right way up, arrange the letters however you want them.



3. Cover the mirror and any other exposed parts with masking tape, then move to a well ventilated area (although if you spend too much time stalking around outside your apartment building at one in the morning, because you are too embarrassed to do arts and crafts in daylight, then campus security may want to ask you some questions…)


4. Hold the spray can thirty centimetres away from the mirror. Thirty centimetres away. Don’t be tempted to get all up in there and drown the thing in spray paint, slowly build up an even coating. (I’m watching you.) 5. You will have to wait for at least forty minutes for the paint to fully dry, and once you are sure that it is, you can choose to add a clear fixative spray, which you should also allow to dry thoroughly before peeling off the letters and the masking tape.


You’re all done! Make sure the mirror is clean of all the masking tape gunk and you’re good to go.

PV x