Have a Delicious Christmas – Part Three: Fancy Food

I had to rope in Rob to help me with this one, seeing as I am a pathologically lazy chef. Boo.
That being said, these little filo treats are actually very easy to make, they look impressive, and they were delicious. What more could you want?


Brie, Cranberry and Pancetta Bundles

First, fry off the Pancetta until crispy, and then set aside. Grease a cupcake tin and use double layers of filo pastry to make ‘cases’ (similar to muffin cases). This doesn’t have to be at all neat, just make sure that the cases are deep enough for plenty of filling later on! Stick the filo ‘cases’ in the oven, at the temperature stated on the packaging, for around five minutes to make them golden and a little crispy.

IMG_0030 IMG_0037

After five minutes, take the cases out of the oven and add chunks of Brie with a healthy spoonful of cranberry sauce, topped with flakes of the crispy pancetta. Back in the oven for a further ten minutes or so (until the cheese is soft and the cases are fully golden). In the meantime, combine pomegranates, segments of fresh orange, walnuts and salad leaves to make an easy peasy salad that is full of colour.

IMG_0062 IMG_0071

Serve the baked bundles (two or three per person) with a huge serving of salad: an easy meal with a fancy twist!

(Thanks to Rob for helping me with this recipe, and also for teaching me what a pomegranate is… awks)


PV x