Winter Favourites

I’ve been having unusually fond feeling towards Winter this year (it ordinarily leaves me confused and cold) so I decided to rope Abi in (’tis the season of good will, after all, so she kind of has to do what I want…) and share some warm Christmassy favourites and what’s been making us love this season. (Abi is in italics)


Sparkly things!

I know – I sound like such a child, but everything bright sparkly and glittery really gets me in the mood for Christmas. I’m especially enjoying sparkly eyeshadows (really Christmas is the only time it’s okay for anyone who isn’t twelve to get away with wearing glitter eyeshadow), although I also have a few more subtle colours which I am hoping to be able to wear throughout January as well to brighten up the post-christmas blues before I transition back to matte shades.


(I love the Seventeen metallics, which are currently half price at Boots with an advantage card!)

P1020511 P1020513

Chunky cardigans and Cosy jumpers

Abi is more of a Cardigan person than I am, but I have managed to compromise by layering up and piling on coats scarves and gloves if I have to go outside for any reason. This obviously makes Abi look even more chic in comparison, and I can’t help but think she secretly enjoys it…

P1020659 P1020647 P1020638


Comfort food

As if you ever needed an excuse to eat cake and sandwiches?


(home made sausage rolls ready for the oven!)


Being at home with my family

Today was in fact, not a sterling example of familial harmony and Christmas cheer, the tribe being due to descent en masse in 6 hours. George and I took a rather relaxed approach to this looming deadline and spread our time wisely between frolicking in the garden, eating bagels and general idleness; rather rudely cut short by distressed shrieks from the kitchen demanding we employ our considerable horticultural/culinary expertise to determine why the butternut squash wasn’t softening, and who on earth has moved the Camembert? An hour or so and one maniacally butchered member of the marrow family later, peace resumed. Ah, family.


(Good old Christmas pajamas…)


Frosty mornings

I hope Winter is being kind to you, too

Abi and PV x