Have a Delicious Christmas – Part One: Lazy Days


 Christmas Coffee Cocktail

Sometimes, all you want to do is snuggle up with some comfort food and watch Elf. I’ve never been very good at putting in the effort when it comes to making meals for myself but this cocktail is so easy and you don’t really need any special ingredients.

I don’t ordinarily drink cocktails unless I’m out with friends, but seeing as it’s Christmas it can be nice to experiment with making your own cocktails and then sharing them with your family (or drinking them all to yourself, I’m not judging you ;)) For kids (or if it’s breakfast time) you can omit the alcohol in the following recipe…

Lapland Latte by Tom

My flatmate Tom has worked as a bartender for over two years he helped me formulate this Christmas cocktail using my favourite ingredients. (When I say he helped me I mean that I grabbed him while we were cooking our Flat-42-Christmas dinner, handed him some vodka and some cinnamon and he just created this awesome tasting cocktail and made it look amazing, while I did absolutely nothing but look on admiringly…)

You will need: Strongly brewed Coffee (leave to cool before adding), Milk, Vodka, Ice and Cinnamon, optionally: Sugar Syrup, Coffee Liqueur

To make one cocktail: 1.Combine two shots of milk, half a shot of sugar syrup (if you don’t have sugar syrup, you can leave this out), one shot of vodka, one shot of coffee (or a coffee liqueur, such as Kahlua), and crushed ice.

Add Coffee

Shake… There are several ways that you can improvise if you don’t have a cocktail shaker, but I’m going to let you figure that out for yourself because I don’t want to be responsible for something going horribly wrong and you showering your family with ice and coffee….

Pour into a tall glass and add cinnamon to taste.

seal of approval

It’s amazing!! It’s coffee, it’s cold, it’s alcoholic. Done and done. 🙂

Enjoy your wonderful creation, next week I’ll be posting Christmas Comfort Toasties for when you can’t prevail upon your sister to cook you dinner… 😉

I hope you’re getting into the spirit (pun intended), big love,