Have a Thrifty Christmas – Part Two

Awesome Gifts for under £10

Okay, so if all that stuff yesterday about spray paint and hand making gifts and looking out for sales and getting all your coupons in a twist filled you with dread… don’t panic. For I am here with the ultimate gift list of useful amazing gifts, all for under £10. *pause for applause*

I’ve split the list into Guys, Girls and more general gifts, but please don’t feel the need to conform to society’s projected gender stereotypes, I would hate to force normative ideas perpetuated by the commercialisation of religious holidays onto any of y’all 😉

I’ve done a little survey of my friends and flat mates and these are all things which we would be genuinely overjoyed to receive for Christmas. The most popular are marked with little hearts, so you know they’d be appreciated, even by those notoriously hard-to-buy-for young adults in your life!

Girls 1 numbered Girls 2 numbered Girls 3 numbered

1:Faux Fur Pom Beanie (a favourite!) £8 2:Mini Heart Swing Earrings £4.20 3:Digital Winter Wolf ankle socks £3.50 4:Kitsound in ear headphones £7.50 5:Beautiful Skin Tea £6 and Infuser £3 6:Neon Wellies (Pink or Blue) £9.99 7:Santa Slipper Socks £12 8:Microwavable Hooty the Owl £7.99 9:Mojito Lip Balm £3.25 10:Gold Circle Necklace (a favourite!) £8.13

General 1 numbered General 2 numbered General 3 numbered

11:Photo Snowglobe £6 12:Tube Scarf £7.99 13:Travel Edition Scratch Map £8.99 14:Tea antidote mug £8.50 15:Phone case £10 16:Tired of London, Tired of Life Book £9.23 17:Bobble Hot Travel Mug (a favourite)£9.99 18:Fisheye lens for Phone Cameras £5 19.Dragon Body Warmer (a favourite!) £8 20:iPhone charger Keyring £8.99

Guys 1 - numberedGuys2 - numberedGuys 3 - numbered

21:Lumber Jacket wooden phone case £9.99 22:Firestash Keyring £6.99 23:Leather Credit Card Holder £4.99 24:Sugru £6.99 25:Death Star Ice Cube maker £9.99 26:Skull Candy earphones £7.99 27:Crumpled City Map – London £9.10 28:Key Bottle Opener £8 29:Todd’s Concoctions (sauces and relishes) £8.99 30:Texts from Dog book (Dog’s tumblr, here) £5.49

If you have a student discount, now is your time to shine, and don’t forget to factor in shipping costs and double check when you have to order to get your lovely packages of awesome in time for Christmas.

Even more gift lists (which are great), here (under £5), here (under £15), and here (under £20) .

I hope that was helpful, get clicking and get ready for joyful gift recipients on Christmas day!


Have fun!

PV x