Tuesday is the cruellest day…

Breeding, cold students from their warm beds, mixing

last night’s alcohol with long lectures, on feminism,

which is never a good idea in my experience, and certainly,

should not be attempted on a Tuesday, stirring,

questions about what I am doing with my life and, whether

I should have just taken an evening class, instead.

See what I did there?
Yes it’s Tuesday and I thought that it would be kind of fun to do a day in the life thing, mainly so that I can prove that even though I’m an English student, I do work hard on things.

I should mention that overpackedandunderpaid just started following me, and she is hilarious and awesome, and what I like to think my blog would be like if I wasn’t conscious of the fact that most of my family read it from time to time, (and also if I was a bit more witty and fabulous, obviously). Anyway, in reading through her blog posts I realised that she has also done a day in the life post recently, so just in case anyone reads both blogs, I have been planning this for a while and I didn’t copy her, I double pinky swear. Honest. (:

Right, Tuesday. I picked Tuesday because most of my other days would have read like this:

“I sat on my bed and thought about sandwiches and feminist theory while writing an essay. I ate some sandwiches.”

Ain’t nobody got time for that.


Tuesday’s for me start at the horrifyingly early hour of 10am, which means that I have to be awake, preferably dressed, with some makeup on my eyebrows by the time Scott knocks on my door at ten to ten (I don’t know why, but I am a little obsessed with filling in my eyebrows so they are always on point. Even I would think twice before rocking up to an early morning English lecture with scraggly eyebrows. Quite a horrifying image). Scott and I take the lift down from our fourth floor flats and then we check our mailboxes and walk to our lecture together, because we’re English buddies and we’re cute like that. 

Tuesday mornings we get to sit in the fancy schmancy new lecture theatre (just by the graveyard #londonuni). That is if we get a seat at all. Scott and I were late this morning so we had to do an awkward walk of shame right through the middle of the lecture and sit next to all the keenos at the front. In the past I’ve tried politely asking people in the higher tiers to ‘budge up’ but have been told ‘no’. I didn’t know it was even legal to say ‘no’ when somebody asked you quite reasonably to move along, but I think I will try it in the future…

P1020406 P1020407

“Sorry, could you move along there’s not really enough room on this life raft in the

middle of this ocean of ravenous sharks.”
– “no.”

Such fun. Anyway, we ended up sitting at the front, uncomfortably close to the lecturer, in a place where I felt too awkward to check the time on my phone in case she took it as a personal slight.

I hate Tuesday lunchtimes because I’m always so pumped up from my seminar (possibly the least cool thing I have ever said… yes seminars make me excited because I’m an intolerable nerd), I find it difficult to switch gear and focus on getting some food into my face and doing some essay revisions or whatever before I have to run out to my poetry lecture. This Tuesday lunchtime, I cooked up some supernoodles and then spent an hour and a half looking for my oyster card, which, as it turns out, I had put under my mattress the night before. Of course. Because who doesn’t keep their oyster card under their mattress? (It was actually to straighten it out because I sat on it and bent it, but I had no memory of this until I actually found it. Genius.) I wrapped Abi’s presents, packed, tidied my room and ran out to my Poetry lecture.


Straight afterwards I jumped on the tube (always an exciting occasion because I know for a fact that Tom Fletcher from McFly, who I adore, lives in London and frequently uses the tube, so there’s always a chance I could get to touch meet him) and, after casually taking the wrong train for a while and then switching, all the while dressed like a tiny hoodlum, because it was freezing cold, I finally arrived in Oxford and Abi and I had noodles for dinner because we’re classy and then drank hot chocolate and watched Miranda. Also classy.

P1020414  P1020412 P1020411P1020413

As you can see by my Tuesday, University is a non stop party for me. No, seriously, it’s pretty wild. Today we did a fourteen word fourteen line sonnet and it was most unconventional. Yeah that’s right…

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little insight into my life

PV x