Food Friday: Bagels Five Ways.


I fricking love Bagels. They’re like bread rolls but better. I was talking to an elderly lady the other day and she had never even heard of bagels, and that’s how you know that they are a wonder of the modern age.
Although the other day someone told me about a horrifying new craze which I am not going to name (because I don’t want my Mum to Google-it-and-then-worry-that-I-am-doing-it) and I’m pretty sure that no old ladies have heard of that either. So, there you go.

Anyway, Bagels. I fricking love them. My Mother and Grandmother came to visit me and we had a lovely day (apart from one moment when I had a terrifying glimpse into my own future – hanging out with older generations of your family will do that to a person…) My Granny bought me some bagels and other fresh ingredients and lots of things that, crucially, were not noodles, because she’s amazing and knows how to care for students who would otherwise be vulnerable to scurvy.

The upshot of this is that I have been eating Bagels all week while being super busy and thus, Food Friday this week consists solely of five easy ways to pimp your bagel and turn it into a fantastic meal that is cheap, easy, delicious and not noodles. Don’t say I never do nice things for you…

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Cheese and Cherry Tomatoes.

P1020379 P1020380

Brie, Apple and Onion Chutney (Chutney optional if you’re a student and don’t happen to have a boyfriend who expresses his love through exotic preserves).

P1020385 P1020387

Peanut Butter and Banana. (Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it!)

P1020389 P1020392

Alex’s Staple Bagel: Cream Cheese and Scallions (which is ‘merican for spring onions)

P1020393 P1020395


Bagel and Eggs! Soft Boiled Eggs on toasted Bagel. Mmmmm – I’ve added Bacon Jam, (I wasn’t kidding about the boyfriend thing), but to make a veggie option, just use butter and a sprinkling of Rock salt.

Until I can make an interesting and coherent post again, I’d like to recommend which is a magazine of short, intelligent thought provoking articles, including my most recent favourites: ‘A body that’s not finished dying.’  and ‘Why I Wear Nail Polish’ (which has made me feel incredibly guilty about the day my five year old self chastised my then teenage cousin Andy for wearing black nail polish “because it is the colour of sad“. I hope that no permanent psychological damage was done… sorry Andy!)

Big Love!

PV x

(More Blue Room pics because reasons)

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