Please can I have my eggs sunny side up is a terrible example of the Iambic line.

I have complex thoughts. Mainly about food. I ate a Cadbury’s Marvellous Creations chocolate bar earlier and it blew my mind.

The wifi which has been allowing me to watch Breaking Bad is broken and it’s really been a downward spiral. My mind wanders.

Irrelevantly; I may or may not be Wednesday Addams.




I went to see another version of Midsummer at the Noel Coward theatre. David Walliams and Sheridan Smith were great as Bottom and Titania (especially Sheridan) but it was much more modern than the Globe’s adaptation and I definitely thought there were parts where the Globe’s was much funnier.


It was so well designed though, and overall I really enjoyed it. Afterwards, we ran around to the stage door and waited for Sheridan and Mr Walliams to emerge. It was actually acutely awkward watching all of the non-famous cast members come out and have to walk right past us while we ostentatiously failed to clamour for their autographs. I pretended to be absorbed in something else and almost did miss David Walliams actually coming out. He seemed pretty cool but I guess he had places to be because he just quickly signed a few ticket stubs and then excused himself. Sheridan came out a little later and she was wearing a fluffy coat and she gave me a hug and it was perfection. Also, she smelled nice, but apparently that’s the kind of thing that stalkers say. She chatted to us for a while and then Scotty and I ran off and excitedly high fived.






We’ve been having flat Cocktail parties (possibly the most civilised a group of students have ever been) and delicious meals and this week I auditioned for and got a part in an awesome production the Theatre company are putting on. It’s called The Blue Room by David Hare. I’m pretty stoked on it and I’m excited to start rehearsing.

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I have been cast as a pretty sickly seventeen year old model/ drug addict and so have been cultivating my drawn and tired look (as if it really needed it?!) with late night Bake-Off marathons and a serious addiction to Ribena (see – I’m already living on the edge).






All the way through the auditions they kept pairing me off to do scenes with the same guy, and just as I was beginning to feel pretty sweet and indie, my brain decided to chip in; ‘this must be good. When they were auditioning for High School Musical Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens were put together for all of their auditions.’ And that, friends, is the Universe’s way of telling me that I will never be cool. I don’t even like High School Musical. #why.

IMG_20131015_182647 IMG_20131015_182031


The other way I know for sure that I’m not cool is that to celebrate getting the part I did some typography. Cool kid.

Lastly, I had to share this hilarious excerpt from yesterday’s poetry lecture. I’m not sure if you can read it but it says; ‘Please can I have my eggs sunny side up.’ They’re teaching us future English grads something very useful; how to be waiters and waitresses. #cry.


PV x