What fools these mortals be…

I’d like to say that I have been too busy studying to blog much, but that would be a lie. The truth is that I downloaded Netflix onto my phone and now Breaking Bad consumes my every waking moment. BREAKING BAD. It’s the best TV show and I love it. Sometimes the wifi cuts out and then I have to sit on my floor eating ham and slowly rocking back and forth. Sometimes I even resort to studying to pass the time.

bb small

Breaking Baaaaaaaaad

That being said, I do actually have to spend a lot of my time reading or typing away, (the government is paying me to do it, after all…) and I enjoy it a ridiculous amount. Today I got to tiptoe romantically between the book shelves of the second floor of the library, searching for a Henry Fielding book, (and then to page less romantically through the entire book looking for one quote which turned out to be partially irrelevant anyway.) It’s actually kinda creepy up there with all of the books and none of the people. The lights are on timers so if you go into the farthest shelves and then stop moving they eventually switch off (creepily, one by one), and then I’m like “nooooooo” and have to clutch my books and dance about until the movement sensor turns the lights back on for me. Lord, what fools these mortals be. I actually love this part of the library because the quiet study areas make me stressed out. I always seem to be wearing a necklace or a shoe or a bag which incessantly jingle jangles and I become afraid to move about. When I’m not in the library I have set up a fully equipped work station on my bed, so I can live the student dream and also not have an anxiety attack about my workload. #Winning.


Painstakingly fought off a six year old to grab the good bits from the build-your-own-mini-figure stand at the LEGO store. Result: Breaking Bad LEGO. Yes.



The sun is shining in London and I have enjoyed running about the city (read – taking the tube, I never run unless wearing appropriate shoes, or if provoked), visiting thrift sales and up-and-coming (read – shady) neighbourhoods, pubs, clubs, graffiti hotspots, pop up malls and seemingly every tube stop on the District line. I freaking love London. I always have but now I love it even more.

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Pop up HYPE store in Shoreditch


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especially love the fact that Shakespeare’s Globe is just down the river, and I recently got to go and watch A Midsummer Night’s dream. It was fantastic. It actually got some great reviews which were very well deserved, and was by far the best version of it that I have ever seen. Oberon and Puck came through as especially well played, and Matthew Tennyson’s Puck was ‘fabulous’ (as described by Alex), ethereal and just my favourite. If you would like to read an actual review by an actual theatre critic, there is one here.

Titania and her fairies

Quince and his players

Lysander, Demetrius, Helena and Hermia

3   8

Puck and Oberon

I have to go prepare for my poetry classes (last week our lecturer impersonated a seal, and my seminar leader sucked so many apple green lollies during the hour long seminar that he got a sugar rush and began shaking and his pupils got really big.) I actually love Poetry classes.

I like this place, and willingly could waste my time in it.