Gap Life 3

Paloma Faith is Georgi's spirit animal

Paloma Faith is my spirit animal. (Expecto Paloma!)

I’m getting closer to heading off and living on a tiny student budget, so I’ve mostly been packing, making lists, and trying to eat all the food in the house before I have to move out and start buying my own.

Here’s a quick Instagram roundup of my week,

IMG_20130903_203209 IMG_20130903_203513 IMG_20130907_150932 IMG_20130910_232306 IMG_20130910_235334 IMG_20130911_150337 IMG_20130911_211956 IMG_20130911_225152 IMG_20130911_225532 IMG_20130911_231201 IMG_20130912_000613 IMG_20130912_001105 IMG_20130912_002240 IMG_20130912_005947

It’s been insane


You may be pleased to know that this is officially the last Gap Life post (and from now on I will probably be posting strictly interesting posts, with no flights of fancy, procrastination, or photoshopped images of Barack Obama.)