Gap life 2

Last night I had a dream that I was at University. In my first week, sort of awkwardly making friends, and Barack Obama was hanging out with us.

Abi and I

It should be noted that currently the only reason I’m even agreeing to go is because I will have a quite sizable mini-fridge in my room, but I began to think that as Barack Obama isn’t actually going to be there, what am I really paying nine thousand pounds a year for?

Abi and 'bama  Ross and Obama

Certainly not the kind of fun I would have had with my good friend ‘bama.

Georgis (1)

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On balance, it’s almost certainly worth it, although I am tempted by my little pug puppies.

Pugs. They love him

(Obama also thinks that Helmholtz is an ace name for a dog.)

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Stay in school kids,

MTG, PV, x