Sun Baby

I’m in Turkey!

This is it; my final sunny, relaxing holiday, and then my feet will be on English soil for the forseeable future.
The money I saved before April has done its best but I’m beginning to become an impoverished student, and until my student loan comes through, I will be moping around and pinching pennies. I may even take to stealing chips from unsuspecting pensioners lunching on the seafront, like a seagull, but lets hope it never gets that bad…



The Turkish market, in fact, is a perfect place for my ever modest budget, complete with loads of fresh fruit and vegetables, shaved ice ‘sherbet’ to cool down fraught bargain hunters, and the gleeful cry of ‘asda price!’ from the stallholders.

I’m not sure if I should admit this but the market was basically the first time in four days that I’ve actually left the confines of the beautiful house and garden where Rob’s grandparents (Bob and Sally) live. I have spent my time happily trundling between the swimming pool, the fridge, and the kïrch (pictured), toting around books, towels, suncream, sunglasses and a variety of delicous snacks. Absolute heaven.


While I would like to personally vouch for the fact that Sally can, and does, cook, we have not benefited from this as of yet because it’s far too hot to even think of turning on the oven, and anyway there’s more than enough freshly baked or freshly picked produce available for delicous al fresco dining, whenever you fancy it. Did I mention that it’s absolute heaven?

I’ve loved being able to catch up on my reading, but this makes me dangerously antisocial, and between the fact that over the last few days I have been a messy-haired, makeup-less urchin, and the trance effect that reading a gripping (or, really any) book has upon me, I have laid off reading for a couple of days so I can blog and catch up on some university stuff, and also function as a proper member of society, and take part in conversations like a normal person. My name is Georgi and I am addicted to books…



Anyway, there’s been so much to distract me. Even though we joke that we’ve had a busy day of lying around or an awfully long walk to the Kïrch, there’s never a dull moment.

In the evening after the market we wandered down to our most local café, right on the riverfront, and from there chartered the small comfortable boat to take the seven of us down the river to the lake. It is absolutely beautiful, and, later, absolutely empty and still, so that we had the whole lake to ourselves, to swim and eat snacks and feed the terrapins (until the food lures over the ugly big-daddy leather back turtle and we all get scared and beat a hasty retreat.)




I love the sun in the early mornings and evenings, and since I am rarely awake to enjoy the former, it was lovely to be out on the lake and enjoy the pale sunshine without worrying about sizzling-up-in-the-sun-and-looking-like-an-old-leather-handbag-by-the-time-I’m-thirty…

I was also pleasantly surprised at the general lack of mosquitoes, although just to be cautious I have already used up nearly a whole can of ‘JUNGLE STRENGTH’ repellent, and, on one occasion accidentally sprayed it directly into both of my eyes. On the plus side, I did capture and dispose of a mosquito I found in our room before it could feast on my flesh. Georgi – 1, Mosquitoes – 7845.




We have also enjoyed an amazing Turkish breakfast with Galumpsa, the lady who cleans the house, and her husband, her two daughters, and their husbands. I had already met her and one of her daughters, and they are very smiley and friendly; They took the time to bring over some cakes and pastries to the house, which were delicous, and in the Saturday market, as well as tons of vegetables, they were selling their own handmade pasta. It was lovely to see the whole family, and the restaurant we went to, The LeyLey, where they have nesting storks just the other side of the fence, spoilt us with such a huge breakfast that it would barely fit on the table. Galumpsa had great fun trying to feed Rob red-hot chillies, (apparently she had caught him out once when he was a young child!), and when he politely declined, she enjoyed herself feeding the chillies to a poor unsuspecting goose instead. Luckily we left before the goose could plot his revenge.

I’m aware that this is only a mini-blog, but I am planning more content, and looking forward to sharing more photos of this beautiful place. Now I need to get back to the really important stuff, like eating banana icecream, taking selfies, and setting the wallpaper on Rob’s phone to a picture of my face.

Photos: Rob Carroll,
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