4.4 Tokyo

Just thought I’d add on a few of the things we did on our last day in Tokyo, before I head to bed to try and make the 4.30am start tomorrow a little less painful!

We had a super busy day and we spent a lot of time getting lost but we ended up finding some awesome stuff.

We started off at a beautiful temple in the Asakusa district, where Rob finally found a shot glass to add to his collection (they don’t seem to sell them anywhere else in Japan, but of course they sell them at a temple…) before heading to the nearby district of Ueno. As we walked around the huge Ueno park looking at the statues and shrines and huge ponds full of green leaves, I began to feel hot (I will never stop complaining about it! I bought a banana today and it melted ) and exhausted and went off to sit on the floor and sulk in the shade. I was watching an old man feeding birds from his hand and after a while he beckoned me over, gave me some bread and showed me how to raise my hand high in the air for the birds to land on. It was so lovely. I watched, fascinated, as the birds landed on my hand to take beakfuls of the bread.
Rob took pictures while the old man looked over his shoulder, fascinated by his iPhone and the photos.


After that we wandered and found a great street for street food, a square watermelon, a banana vending machine, Tokyo Skytree, an open workshop where they were making awesome rock candies, and plenty more beautiful shrines. It was a good day.





In case you’re interested, I will be found at 4.30am tomorrow crying about the earlyness of the hour, and after 6pm tomorrow, in Thailand!

Photo credits to: Rob Carroll
Instagram: rob_c17, http://www.instagram.com/rob_c17