DIY Tye-Dye Maxi Skirt

I leave for Japan on Monday, and I am excited!

And when I am excited, I dye skirts.

No, really.


Okay, so just in case any of you had the urge to transform one of your own unloved skirts or t-shirts, here we go:

You will need:
An item of clothing in need of a face lift (works best with a pale coloured cotton or similar fabric.)
Fabric Dye, (I used Dark Navy Dylon Fabric Dye)
Ordinary table salt
Stainless steel stirrer and container

IMAG0641 IMAG0646 IMAG06451372077198509

Wash the fabric, leaving it damp. Now you can add elastic bands for a tie-dye effect, or leave the material loose for a complete dye. To achieve the stripes effect, I tightly affixed elastic bands to the skirt, which I ‘scrunched’ uplengthways. I used six elastic bands, tying them close together at the top and then gradually farther apart towards the end.

There are lots of different methods which create different effects, so play around with it until you’re happy.

IMAG0649 IMAG0642

Next, employ your gorgeous sister to do the dirty work (wearing gloves!) and mix the packet of dye with five tbsp of ordinary salt and six litres of warm water into a stainless steel sink or container. Add the item of clothing and stir carefully for fifteen minutes.

You should now take the opportunity to apply a cocktail of cleaning products to any surfaces stained by the dye (including but not limited to: The kitchen worktop, the floor, and your sister’s hands).


After a further forty-five minutes of occasional stirring, rinse out the fabric until there is no more excess dye, and hang up to dry.

Once dry, you can wear the garment straight away, but the dye will not be colour fast until after two or three more washes, so be extra cautious.

Before After