I have so enjoyed sleeping, seeing friends and having a bit of a gelato detox* since I got home, and it has been nice to try and get a handle on things and catch up with some paperwork before I shoot off again!

If only to take advantage of the ridiculously fast upload speed that I enjoy from my much-loved laptop in this green and pleasant land, here a few photos of what I’ve been up to (mainly organisation) and some photographic proof of the time I made Abi stalk Tom Fletcher so that she could get his signature for me. They both happened to be in the same theatre watching the same show (Tom’s sister is playing Eponine in Les Mis in the West End) and it was just too much for me. I got very excited, and at one point I think I may have sent Abi a text which read; ‘Please actively search for him. Try seat W25’. Which Abi thinks is stalkerish. Psssh, nothing wrong with a little detective work right?


From Tom’s instagram feed, @tbagmcfly


Anyway, Abi, being the good sister which she unfailingly is, managed to have a chat to Tom and explain that she has a crazy sister who would probably die with happiness if he would be so good as to sign something. Which he did. Big love for the Fletcher family.

IMG_20130618_172507 IMG_20130618_173256 IMG_20130618_175549 IMG_20130618_182055 IMG_20130618_223756

I’ve been up nearly all night now happily planning and illustrating content for a couple more blog posts before I leave, so watch this space

I hope you are all sane and normal and are tucked up in bed!


*(I’m actually having acute withdrawal – help!)