Anxiety is a real thing. (I made an infographic to prove it…)


Today, instead of having fun, I thought we could all have a psychology lesson. Don’t say that I never do nice things for you…

Since I got back from Italy I have been suffering from the most severe anxiety that I have ever experienced. It’s like coming home is suddenly much more stressful for me than being away ever was. I really don’t have a lot to be worried about but I just can’t stop panicking for next to no reason. I have always had a tendency to be hyper-sensitive to stressful stimulus, but this is on a totally different level. 

So, because I believe that Google is the greatest resource that we have, I went on the internet. I wanted to find out, if I could, exactly why my brain is trying to sabotage my sleep and my sanity in this way. Thanks to Google, NetDoctor and a few articles from medical journals, here’s a lovely infographic about anxiety…


Click to Enlarge

Enjoy! (But no seriously, these issues are useful to learn about, so get learning!)