3.9 Verona and Milan

We had a pretty stressful arrival in Verona as the B&B we had booked had already closed its reception when we arrived (we had gotten lost) and no matter how hard we rang the bell we couldn’t get anybody to answer. We tried phoning them but there was still no answer. I was genuinely all for standing there and banging on the door until morning if that was what it took, but Em, ever the voice of reason, pointed out that we were standing on a dark street in Verona with all of our luggage, it was nearing midnight and we needed somewhere to stay. With the help of Emily’s Dad (because sometimes you really have no option but to call your parents for help, and as humbling as it may be, it is better than sleeping under a bridge…) we navigated our way to a hotel. We were so exhausted I don’t even know how me made it there, and I almost cried when they told us our room was up three flights of stairs…

Anyway, we spent a comfortable night and the next day I was excited to go and see the beautiful city. It was gorgeously sunny, and we saw some tombs, towers and some lovely piazzas before stumbling across ‘Juliet’s house’ or ‘Casa di Giulietta’.

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Padlocks locked to the gate…

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Now, I like Shakespeare as much as the next person. Probably considerably more, for that matter, but I do take exception to the Verona tourist office taking a random house and then charging tourists €8 to walk around it. Firstly, Juliet was fourteen when she died so it’s highly unlikely that she had managed to get herself onto the property ladder, secondly the balcony which tourists love to stare romantically at is much too small and high for any of Romeo’s love struck antics to be feasible, and finally, and I want to be very clear about this one, Juliet was a fictional character, and as such, you cannot visit her house. (Although that didn’t stop Emily and I taking photos and then browsing the gift shop!)

We finally checked in to our original B&B, and because nobody else seems to want to sit around eating cake at three in the afternoon #gapyearproblems, we have the place to ourselves. This means that I have just wandered into the kitchen to find Emily gleefully attempting to prise open a cupboard marked ‘do not open’ (“I think there’s Nutella inside!”) and I am currently drinking coffee from a bowl, because the coffee machine malfunctioned and I panicked… ah, life.

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After one more night in Verona, we are heading to Milan where we will revisit the fantastic Turkish pizza restaurant we found on our first day here (really), and then spend the remainder of our money on Gelati (:

At this point I should make a big rounding off speech about how great my trip has been, how much I’ve learnt (mainly about gelati) and all the good food I’ve eaten (again, mainly gelati based meals…) But the fact is I can’t even begin to describe what a crazy awesome time I have had up and down the coasts of sunny Italy, how happy, and exhausted, it has made me, or how many things I really have learnt that I will never forget. Italy, I left my heart in Florence, I’ll be back for it one day (:

Two weeks now until I am jetting off to Japan (I wonder if Japanese people find English tourists hilarious?) and in the meantime I will be posting snippets, mostly about tidying my room because I already know how messy it is and I have been having many sleepless nights just thinking about it. (No, really, I have.)

I hope it’s sunny in England.

Thank you, as always, for reading.

Mind The Gap, PrettyVacant, X

++ Credit as usual to Emily Wang for most of the photos (The good ones…) For more Italian photographic goodness (mainly selfies/food pics, I would refer you to Emily’s instafeed: http://instagram.com/wangy571# and/or my instafeed: http://instagram.com/prettyvacantpirate# )++