3.4 (Rome) (Messina) and Syracuse

If someone is snoring in a hostel dorm room, or if they are prone to night terrors, sleep talking, sleep barking (don’t even ask) or even loud sleep shuffling, it should be legal, nay, applauded, to smother them. It would be the noblest of deaths. Think George v Lenny in of  Mice and Men or Chief Bromden and Mr McMurphy. Seriously though. I am a woman on the edge.

Besides severe lack of sleep, Wang and I had a very brief whistlestop in Rome to catch up with some of our favourite people (: (when we eventually found them… note to self; ‘vatican city’ is not specific enough when trying to arrange a rendezvous) It was a happy, if short reunion, and Rome was exactly as awesome as everybody says.


Ems and Jordan ❤


We are currently in Sicily, congratulating ourselves, because this officially means that we have made it from one end of Italy to the other, all in one piece, without killing ourselves, or each other! I can’t believe how fast the time has gone, I have barely had time to blog, let alone anything else. So much has happened, but you’re going to have to talk to me in person for all of the gory details!


Our carefully laid plans consist of a mess of crossings out and scribbles… more reasons I am surprised we have made it this far… (:


I accidentally published a half finished post this morning because I have been trying to piece together an update and try and fit in everything. This quick update is going to have to suffice until I have a bit more to type about. I’ll be sure to include lots of stupid pictures to make it entertaining! (My sister actually alerted me that I accidentally uploaded the post in a text message which was addressed to ‘squishfish’. That is how I know she respects me as a writer.)

I think the best indication of our general rushing about is that Emily and I have been desperately trying to wash our clothes since long before we left Florence, but we have adopted the attitude of ‘meh’ and chosen to go out and see everything instead of taking the time to do laundry. I can see the flaw in our plan, and we will surely become urchins before too long, but I have to tell you, I think it’s worth it. We actually nearly did end up bedless on the streets of Messina due to a missed train, but it all turned out better than expected and we found a very nice and only slightly creepy hotel for the night.



P1010175 P1010180

So, we are currently in the beautiful Syracuse in Sicily, which is one of those gorgeous coastal towns where you just want to wander around and eat ice cream. Due to aforementioned missed train, we are not here for very long, so we have a full day tomorrow seeing the Greek ruins and the markets in the old town. After that we’re headed to Taormina, which will mark the halfway point of our trip!

P1010147 P1010141

I hope it’s sunny where you are, too