(1.6 Sex and el Ciudad)

Okay, a quick update…

We have moved out of Lourdes´house! At this point, we would have happily moved back to the accomodation that originally fell down, even if it was still partially collapsed, but luckily, it is fixed!


Avenue del Sol

We´ve had the weekend off from volunteering and on Saturday we went to the beautiful area of San Blas in the morning. On our way home we found this awesome market which the locals visit. We bought Lourdes a cactus because she apparently loves them, and returned quite merrily for lunch.
Lourdes, however, was in an awful mood, and her Peruvian friend was there too. We all dislike this friend and believe that she encourages Lourdes to be mean to us. Given that so far this week we have not been allowed to charge our phones, dry our hair, wash our clothes, have more than one meal a day (or use Lourdes´kitchen to cook our own meals), or even leave the lights on, we were already pretty peeved with dear Lourdes. However, we tentatively asked if we could wash a few essential pieces of clothing, and in the end, we had to literally beg her to let us wash a few t-shirts and some underwear. We hand washed the clothes in cold water with our own detergent, and we could clearly hear her grumbling to her friend that we had ´too many clothes´! It was funny, and we ended up just laughing hysterically while we washed the clothes, with Lourdes bursting in every so often to tell us we were doing it wrong, and splosh a lot of water around.


San Blas, Cusco

San Blas, Cusco


The last straw was that, that night, Lourdes was hosting a huge dinner party for her whole family. She informed us at lunch time that she would like us to keep our doors shut. We laughed and assumed that she thought our rooms were too messy for her family to see, but then we realised that she didn´t know that we were planning to go out that night, and she must have expected us to stay inside our rooms, with the doors shut, while she hosted her dinner party! Rude.

Luckily, we were going out anyway, we went downstairs to leave just as she was cutting into a huge cake. She looked up, saw us, and then uncomfortably offered us some cake, obviously regretting starting the food before we had left the house!

In the end it turned out to be a great night. We met up with Will again, and went to a pizza restaurant with loads of his friends from volunteering. We went on to a local hostel and then to one of the clubs in the plasa. There are some hilarious photos of us dancing on the bar and posing with massive grins with Will´s friends, but they will not be being published anytime soon!


Plasa des Armas

On Sunday, we went to El Chocomuseo, which is essentially a yummy-smelling gift shop/cafe with exhibits about the history and uses of chocolate. We had chocolate fondue with chocolate tea, it was amazing…

We then gleefully packed our clothes and said a very unemotional farewell to Lourdes. Wang managed to drop her water bottle on one of her beloved cacti right as we were leaving, so we sort of made a run for it. Lourdes probably had another dinner party to celebrate us leaving her in peace.

Roof Terrace

Our Roof Terrace!

The new residence is amazing. We have a small apartment to ourselves, and, oh Brave. New. World… Our own kitchen! I was just lying in my room appreciating the fact that nobody was yelling at me, and I heard Emily, wandering around the house, exclaim: “Oh, I´m so happy!” It is bliss.

We joyfully washed our clothes on our beautiful roof terrace (Yes, roof terrace!) and, after our food shopping, decided to watch a DVD, as we were all exhausted. The DVD player has no remote control, so we can watch the first 16 minutes and 40 seconds of Season five, episode five of Sex and the City, but after that the disc sticks and we can´t fix it. We watched that,  twice, and then went to bed.

Today we are going to the Inca museum, having a picnic lunch at Q’oricancha, which is an ancient Inca site, that doubles as a park where locals and tourists can sit, and kids can play, and then trekking to Saqsayhuaman, another local Inca site, which is just a short trek up the mountain.



Clean clothes, full phone battery and a freezing cold shower (not even mad).