1.5 Sun Temple, sun and temples.

I would like to retract my previous statement of “Ola” I of course meant to say “Hola!”. How embarassing.


Los Neñosssss! I am enjoying them.

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They are fun to hang out with, very affectionate, and demanding! As volunteers we are expected to help the teacher with the kids in any way possible. The kids are too young to have organised lessons so they play with puzzles and plastic animals and we try to teach them the colours and the names of the animals. More  often than not, however, they teach us. Sofia, who is the little girl on the right in the first picture, laughs hysterically at me and corrects me when I mispronounce the names of the animals or the colours. Today I said ‘Azul’ (Blue) when apparently the elephant is turquoise and all day today she kept looking at me, shaking her head and saying ‘Azul’ to herself and laughing, over and over. I am being mocked by a five year old girl. Oh, gap year, how you do punish me.


We also met up with our friend Will, from college, who is here as well, coincidentally (!) working in a nearby orphanage. He took us to the central market and we put our game faces on. I wanted a blanket and a Peruvian jumper, because when in Peru you should make yourself look like a tourist trying to make themselves look Peruvian. We bartered in a team, using the classic feint (“No, Gracias” and pretend to walk away) the snort of derision (Will’s speciality, “Thiry soles?! You must be joking), and finally, begging. (This actually worked for Wang and she has the scarf to show for it.) I came out with a blanket and a jumper for a genuinely impressive price, so I was happy. The blanket is a little larger than my bag. Not to worry, I am going to wear it on the plane like some kind of exotic poncho and claim that it is the traditional dress of my homeland, so that they can’t charge me for additional luggage.

We also got to see the Sun temple and just all sorts of Inca ruins and relics throughout the city.


I am having such a good time! (That’s me on the left)

More updates soon maybe, don’t know. (Oh who am I kidding… It’ll be two days before I start getting blog-anxiety #firstworldproblems.)

I hope that you had an equally awesome week, there is a small anecdote about a bus which I may post later on, for the really keen (i.e, my parents).