1.1 Flying Dog Hostel, Lima.

Well, we’re officially in Peru!

After two long haul flights, we arrived in Lima airport very early this morning.

We found a licensed (be proud) Taxi Driver and asked him how much it would be to get to our hostel. Of course, what we should have asked him was whether or not he thought it would be appropriate to try and do a crossword puzzle while negotiating a busy intersection (yes, as it turns out), and whether he is prone to road rage (also, yes). Anyway, you live and learn. We managed to haggle him down to a reasonable price and we arrived in one piece, despite the fact that the traffic here is absolutely crazy. At one point, a man in a van was leaning halfway out of his window so that he bang angrily on the roof of our taxi, and our taxi driver was trying to become the fourth car to fit side by side on a two lane road.

But we survived. Everything around here is so new and fascinating to me, the weather is lovely and I am very happy to be here. There is so much diversity here, and, especially in the area surrounding the airport, the roads are lined with shanty houses and piles of garbage. Our hostel is in a slightly more ‘touristy’ area, and even though we checked in at 7am they let us go straight up to our room, and gave us tokens for a free breakfast at the cafe across the road. (Which, for me, turned out to be a piece of cheese. Yay, allergies.) I’ve spent the morning happily purging my rucksack of ‘unecessary’ items (quite therapeutic), and getting laughed at for my terrible attempts to speak Spanish (rude).

P1000118 P1000130 P1000136 P1000138


Above: Wang and I making everyone on the plane hate us for being tourists, Spanish lessons,  dicking about (:

This hostel has good computer facilities, but I’m not sure about the next ones, so this is just a brief post to say I’m alive and well, pictures of actual scenery etc.. are on their way (hopefully!)

Buenos Dias!