The science of leaving.


I’m just in the interim stage at the moment between leaving-work and leaving-the-country, and I’m starting to go absolutely crazy.

When I get stressed out, I begin to obsessively organise things, until I know that everything is prepared and in it’s proper place. Even though I’m still stressed, at least I will be stressed on a flight to Peru, and not stressed having missed my flight and had most of my belongings lost in some kind of awful mishap.

I frequently lose my passport in the UK, (exhibit A) so there’s no telling where it may end up when the whole spectrum of South America is opened up as a possible place to lose stuff. With this in mind I have left copies of all the important information at home, with my mother. It just makes good sense.

IMG_20130328_113823 IMG_20130328_113540

I put all the information together in an envelope, including a brief trip itinerary, my financial information, and contact numbers for while I am away.

P1000094 P1000093 P1000095

Write things down. This is advice that I wish I had taken six months ago. I recently had to trawl through all of the emails that Kati, Emily and I have received in the last few months, extract the relevant booking information and then try and piece everything together and remember where we were supposed to be on which date. This would have been a lot of time saved if I had just made a note of dates (or, really, any notes at all.)

I’ve made a journal for each of the trips I’m taking, and I’ll be writing a skeleton itinerary, addresses, contact numbers and booking details in each one. As well as this, I’m making a note of my Kit list, so that I can reference it for future trips. This will also prevent me from freaking out because I think I’ve lost something which I didn’t actually bring. (On a side note, I certainly didn’t just spend a whole day looking for a camera charger that didn’t even exist…)

P1000101 P1000100

Finally, this may sound obvious, but the more you can group your stuff into categories, the easier it will be to find. I’m one of those people that spends hours on end elbow deep in my handbag searching for a pen or a button or the other half of the twix I had for lunchI’m pretty sure that if I was in real need of a bandage or an adhesive wound dressing, or any of the scary sounding first-aid kit that I’ve packed, I would  be in no fit state to be rooting around at the bottom of my massive rucksack; “Well, she passed out from the blood loss, but, hey, it looks like she found half a twix!”

There ends the informative segment of my blog post.

I DECORATED MY PASSPORT. (This is actually a smart thing to do, so you can easily grab yours out of a pile, but I had JEDI STICKERS)

P1000102 P1000105 P1000107

In other news, I am literally spending my days walking around and around in my bedroom, picking up and putting down things that I may or may not pack, and generally babbling about UV protection, water purification and rabies. Lots and lots of rabies.

I’m excited to leave.

I hope you are excited to do whatever you are doing in the coming week,