Welcome to the Zooniverse (again)

I recently posted my 75th post! Which, if I had been married to my blog, and each post represented a year of marriage, would be my Diamond anniversary as PrettyVacantPirate! (According to Wikipedia. Three cheers for Jimmy Wales.)

Anyhow, I had this idea of reaching 100 posts before I go travelling. I then realised that it will take twenty-five posts to reach that point, and not the fifteen that I had originally calculated, so that will have to wait (perhaps until I learn basic sums). Embarrassingly, I just gave my former maths teacher a link to my blog too, how mortifying.

Talking of which, I have been circulating the URL a little more, thanks to my uber-cool business cards, which makes me a little nervous and a lot excited, and I feel that we should have some kind of introduction for the new people reading my blog for the first time! (I won’t lie, I am excited just thinking about it!)

So, Alex Day, a popular vlogger, recently posted a ‘seven things you didn’t know about me‘ video. It was great, and I thought I might try and do something similar. Of course, there are very few things that nobody knows about me, (and if there are, they are exactly the kind of things that I wouldn’t put on the internet!) so these are a bit more general, but will hopefully be a nice little introduction/Q and A scenario. Any further questions, send them in on the back of a postcard please. (I won’t reply, but it’s always nice to get mail…)


I really think that my hair and my eyebrows are my only redeeming features. I have had long, thick hair for as long as I can remember, and it is a fantastic accessory for hiding a bad-face day, a hangover, or a just-rolled-out-of-bed situation. I recently became obsessed with defining and shaping my eyebrows. Not sure why. I think my eyebrows actually scare Rob sometimes. Must remember that if I ever become a primary school teacher.



I am a yes-woman. I have deliberately developed the occasionally hazardous habit of saying yes to everything I possibly can, and it is the best thing that I have ever done. Everything from “Are you coming to the pub tonight?” to “So, do you want to come to Peru?”. Even “Hey, I dare you to do this!” or “Anyone want to give this a try?”. I always try to say yes, and it has made me so happy, and I am, almost without exception, always glad that I said yes.



I enjoy the idea of free-time, but when it comes to it, I panic and organise things to fill the time. (Then, I complain about it.)


I don’t understand the sanctity of toothbrushes. I know this is totally gross, but I just don’t understand why people get so precious about their brushes! I open the bathroom cabinet, take out a toothbrush and brush my teeth. I can’t even remember what day of the week it is half the time, so how they expect me to keep track of my specific toothbrush colour is beyond me. My family seem to object to this and have taken to hiding or defacing their toothbrushes in an effort to direct me towards my own. Even though this has effectively solved the issue, I still get interrogated if a family member believes their toothbrush may have been *shiver* used by someone else. They’ll be swabbing for DNA next…


T-Shirt - Music is my boyfriend

Music is just my favourite thing. I know I go on about this a lot, and I know I talked about this when I went to see Airborne but can we please think about this for just a second. What other thing, really, can unite so many people, bring joy to so many people, make twenty five thousand teenagers camp in a dirty wet field, make a crowd jump and down, literally go crazy, throw their hands in the air…?

(If you said alcohol; no points.)

There was a guy in Farnham the other day, standing on the street with a guitar playing Frank Turner, and it was incredible. Instant happiness.

I am currently really enjoying the band Bastille, especially their new song, Flaws. I could honestly put on a pair of big chunky headphones and a good playlist, lie back and spend the whole day just listening. It’s a special kind of genius, and I love it.

concert - crowd surfing bastille flaws


I am called PrettyVacantPirate because…

I was once playing a game of cards in a holiday cottage in Wales with my best friend and her family. I was, as per usual, zoning out and thinking of my own little world, and Kati’s brother (or it may have been her Dad…) starting humming “she’s pretty… pretty vacant.” I laughed because I thought ‘vacant’ was actually quite appropriate, and I just thought the phrase sounded good. When it came to naming my blog, ‘prettyvacant’ was the obvious choice, even four years later, and, well, you know I’m a sucker for a Pirate.

Now, I think that’s quite enough of that, I hope that we can all feel much better acquainted now!

Finally, this photo I found on buzzfeed, and I think is quite possibly the cutest thing…

buzzfeed but use

and, finally finally, this picture, because I can’t wait to see this girl again!


I’m sorry that was a very wordy post, I won’t judge you if you skipped to the end (;

Have a lovely day!


‘yes’ image source: http://www.kissher.co.uk/category/neon-lights