Social Media

I love blogging, and I enjoy being a part of the social media of WordPress, much more than I enjoy being a part of Facebook, or Twitter, or, you know, Bebo.

I have almost completely stopped using facebook, as it is basically a tool for my friends to show me that they are having a lot more fun than me. Hooray Waitrose.

Also, I’m getting kinda stressed out as, judging by my news feed, it has become obligatory for all individuals taking a gap year to change their profile pictures to a photo of themselves hugging a grinning African child (or multiple African children, if you’re really having fun). I am starting to worry that no grinning children will want to pose with me. Oh social media, you tease.

Anyway, I enjoy blogging because it’s just like talking to people, except that I don’t actually have to talk to people.

Side Note: At the moment, I am really wanting to avoid people as they have the oh-so-unhelpful habit of asking questions such as ‘oh have you remembered to pack sunscreen?’ (Obviously, yes) or ‘oh did you get a vaccination against terrible-sounding-disease-I’ve-never-heard-of?’ (Obviously, no, but now I feel that I will assuredly die. Fab.)

What is scary, however, is inviting people to read my blog. My family kinda enjoy keeping up with me on my blog, and lets face it, they’re used to me rambling on and on about eyebrows and batman and customers-I’ve-met-and-considered-murdering.


But now, thanks to the ingenuity of Rob (pictured, sleeping), I have Business Cards!


I’m not going to be just handing them out to everyone, but I hope that it will be a fun way to give my URL to people who may want to see where I am, or what I’m up to, or just check in to see if I’m still alive. If you are one of those people, then thank you. It’s all very well me happily blogging away to myself, but really, I want people to read what I write, I want them to smile and I want them to interact with me on as social a platform as this reluctant conversationalist can manage. I promise as many photos of grinning kids as I can muster.

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