The Business of Blogging.

So, I have finished the oh-so-exciting-and-also-incredibly-frustrating-and-surprisingly-time-consuming project that I have been working on.

I decided to make little ‘business cards’ so I could give my blog address to friends and family so that they could see pictures of, and read stories about, my trip. Anyhow, I spent a long time choosing, designing and hand lettering the cards, and I loved it.

There’s three different fronts;

card 3 card1 card2


and then they’ll all have the back, which matches the background of my blog:

use real 3


At the moment, I have them in a digital format, I’m really pleased with the look and feel of them, and I can email them out to family and friends overseas.

I was also planning to make physical versions to hand out (to people who ask for them) because they’re a cute way of giving out my URL without making people feel obliged, as I imagine most people will only want to check back every now and then, or maybe pop in just once to have a look. They’re still in the works, but hopefully coming soon!