So, I’m halfway through the latest in a seemingly interminable series of train journeys, on, no less, a particularly crappy train (the ones with no fold-down tables and the weird manually opening doors that have a habit of sliding shut at the speed of light and making the uniquely disquieting sound of a guillotine…)

I want to do some list-writing and general admin, as has become my habit for short to medium train journeys (be still my beating heart, right?) But anyway I can’t do that because of the aforementioned lack of tray table. I could read my book, but dammit, why would you design a train without that little flappy table? It riles me.

Sitting across the aisle from me is a on-the-way-back-from-uni-for-Easter type, headphones in, reading a book on his iPad. Suddenly he starts smiling, and then laughing out loud, then properly creasing his face up and throwing his head back, proper happy laughter. And it reminds me that I don’t really hate people, at all.

2013-03-03-22-14-47.jpg IMG_20130308_230707 IMG_20130309_221456 IMG_20130309_222051
More making is being done, and even though I’ve spent my one-day-weekend dragging myself around in cars and trains and freezing cold buses, and, actually, feeling abjectly miserable, I only have two more weeks of work, and that is a reason to be happy.