Time Passes

Apologies for the shoddy blogging, could do better, I know I know.
The fact is that nobody wants to hear me complain and that’s all I seem to be able to do at the moment.
Anyhow, with most of my friends currently installed in exotic locations around the world I am coming down with a serious case of Wanderlust and I just want to get on a plane. I also want to investigate the WiFi situation in the depths of the Peruvian mountains, because I fully intend upon keeping all you good people updated of every development. Aren’t you a lucky bunch?
Anyhow, I’m working on a number of little projects to revamp and organise my blog, ready for travel, and I really hope that it will make interesting reading, if only so that you can all laugh at the tricky situations that I will find myself in!
I was planning to get you all into the spirit of things by conducting a fun little straw poll and asking everyone where and how they thought I was most likely to meet my untimely end while travelling (Winner gets my remaining bank balance) but this makes my mother nervous.
(Note: my own dear sister happily, nay, gleefully, placed her own bet. Charming.)

Hopefully I’ll soon be able to reveal more of the things I’ve been working on, and in the meantime I would thoroughly recommend watching Donnie Darko, more to follow.