So, this Thursday, I went to London with Ross and Emily to see The Airborne Toxic Event play a gig at KoKo nightclub in Camden Town.

We buttoned up our top buttons, wore minimal (mosh-optimal) clothing, and Ross suited up. We even downed a bottle of Rekorderlig each on the train, so we could get away with wearing less warm clothing.

IMG_20130223_172640 IMG_20130228_170546 IMG_20130228_175657

The club is literally just outside Mornington Crescent tube stop and it is an awesome venue. It’s really small (a lot like the roundhouse, but with theatre-style tiers which make the standing space much more… intimate) I love small venues for exactly that reason and this one was just really cool. (Note Ross’ face of anger as I made his stand in the cold while I took a picture!)


We hung out dejectedly by the bar while the support band played a series of increasingly depressing and angsty songs. They even did a cover of Living Together (you know, the song from the IKEA advert… “why aren’t we liviiing, liviiiiing tooogetherrrrr?”) Anyway, they managed to make it more depressing than ever before and we were glad when they stopped.

We pushed forward into the crowd as much as we could but it was pretty packed and we were too polite to push our way in front of people who had probably been waiting for two hours to keep their space at the front.

As soon as the music started, the crowd surged forward and started moving and Ross found us a path right through to the middle. It was awesome.

Unfortunately, after moving forward more and more at every opportunity we eventually ended up in a great location but also next to the kind of people who should either be seated on the tiers or else just somewhere outside the venue altogether. A Couple. A Non-dancing Couple.  In a crowd where everyone is jumping, yelling and dancing, standing like a rock with your arms around your girlfriend is incredibly uncool. This guy actually had his bag on the floor in between his legs, that’s how adamant he was not to jump.
And everyone jumps!
You know how some gym bunnies say that “running is cheaper than therapy”; this is my equivalent. Can’t think, won’t think, jump, jump, jump. It’s like a super energetic form of meditation, I love it.
The band, especially the lead singer, is so enigmatic. He knows how to draw out the introduction of a song so carefully, teasingly, that the crowd are completely captured, waiting for every word. Then, launching into the verse, the build up of dancing and bouncing until I hear Ross say to himself, under his breath, “Go.” And the beat kicks in and we jump and fist pump and shout, twisting to fit into the space.


They finished off with this awesome cover of Ring of Fire and Born in the USA. We got our tickets signed by the lead singer and then ran back to the station as fast as we could to try and keep warm in the freezing cold night.

Airborne are one of those bands where the music they produce is reliably good, and every now and then they will sing a song and you will stop and think; this song is about me. 

Definitely worth a listen, and if you ever get the chance to see them live, I would definitely recommend it.