This is the way the world ends…

Not with a bang, but a:

I’m busy. I am starting to day dream about being in bed, and at night… I also dream about being in bed. Really , it’s my main thing. Anyhow, one thing I have sadly not been busy with is this blog. Among other things, I am preparing to go travelling (if any one knows where to get sterile needles or some kind of rabid dog early warning system, that’d be great…) and once I set off (April 3rd!), this blog should really come into its own. Until then, plenty of exciting things but nothing amazing. My apologies.


Burgess has been blowing my mind, again. I’ve just finished reading ‘The end of the World News’, and I just thought that it was so very good. More than anything, there is so much historical, political and literary allusion that it makes for a totally fascinating read, as well as being completely gripping.

Burgess and I have been spending a lot of time on trains, as ever, and my copy of the book is falling apart pretty badly. This is the simplest argument I can muster against those who believe that kindles and similar devices will ‘kill’ books. I just want a way to read this awesome book on a train without having to wrestle with the pages. That, and the fac t that the other commuters give me funny looks when I’m three quarters of the way under  my own seat, face down, legs a-flailing, trying to rescue errant pages. The worst thing is, they don’t always see that I’ve dropped part of my book, and most of them must think that I flail on the floor of train carriages for fun…


More news soon, I hope you had a lovely weekend, be happy!