Teenage Dirtbag.

I went to York!

It is such a lovely historic town, and the University keeps it alive and kicking. There’s a coffee shop on every corner, huge open spaces, beautiful parks, an amazing cathedral, and a Viking (don’t ask me why, but yes, Viking) market, nestled next to nightclubs, pubs and bars, which come in varying degrees of shady.

IMG_20130218_110336 IMG_20130218_104503 IMG_20130217_155747

Henry, who I went to visit, plays American Football, and even though he’s not playing at the moment due to an injury, we went down to support the team, and we got to hang out with them afterwards.



Rowan was a very bad influence on me and I went to Urban Outfitters! We’ve agreed to come back for a shopping trip when we both have money to spend!

IMG_20130217_141315 IMG_20130217_135551 IMG_20130217_131523 IMG_20130217_130047 IMG_20130217_125710 IMG_20130217_122326 IMG_20130217_115308 IMG_20130217_114850


Despite the ten hour travel time, York is definitely worth a visit, and I’d love to spend more time walking around the town.