If this is love, love is easy…

…It’s the easiest thing to do,

I know, I know, I’m spilling over a little from the designated Valentine’s time period, but this is the last one, I promise.

Valentine’s day seems to provoke rather a lot of anger from those who don’t agree with the commercialisation of the holiday, and from those who don’t enjoy the various amorous couples who seem intent on loving it up all over the place.

So, reader, I bring you; chocolate. Chocolate is universally regarded as A: yummy, and B: a great gift. The best thing about this is that you don’t have to buy into the huge Valentines Day industry, it’s super personal and thoughtful, and you can give it to anyone you like – it doesn’t have to be your partner.

Okay, here goes;


You’ll need milk (or dark) and white chocolate, (try it first, just to make sure!), red or pink food colouring, and an Ice Cube Tray. It’s important that the ice compartments, or the whole tray, are made from silicone, or it will be difficult to extract the chocolates after they have set.

First of all, melt the darker chocolate, and then pour it into the ice cube tray, filling each compartment half full. Tap the tray hard against a counter or surface, to flatten the chocolate out and eliminate air bubbles.

2 3 4

Pop it in the fridge.

While it’s setting, go make a box.

First, draw out a template on a piece of card; a square box with a thin border (1-2cm).

1 2

Next, cut out this template, and, following the diagram above, fold along the wavy lines and cut along the zig zag lines. Now glue the corners together to create this box. Cut out another slightly smaller template and small slotted strips of card to create divisions.

3 4Don’t forget to write on the lid. If you want to create a more elaborate design, you should do this before you fold the lid together.

Now return to your ice cube tray; the chocolate should have set and be solid to the touch. Now melt the white chocolate, mix with the red food colouring, and repeat the process to fill up each compartment. Put it back in the fridge for half an hour and wait for it to set.

5 6

Yours may look a little neater.

Once they’re set, press them out of the mould and put them in the box. Simples.

7 8