Viva Bosc Vegas

This weekend, Emily and I went to visit Ross at his University in Bournemouth.


We went to Wagamamas, which is a rare treat for all of us, and we were all a bit too excited about it. But seriously, anyone who doesn’t order Katsu Curry at Wagamamas doesn’t know how to have fun.

After getting back to Ross’ and stopping at an ASDA so big that they had their own McDonalds, we went down some stairs and down a corridor and banged loudly on a door and arrived at a flat party. 

It actually made me so excited to go to University and live close to other people in such an incredibly lively and sociable environment. The party was awesome and when we finally got back to Ross’ corridor to go to bed (by which I mean, drink tea and eat Kettle Chips in the kitchen), it was 4am. It was even more annoying, therefore, when the fire alarm went off at 5am. The strangest thing was that none of us actually thought about evacuating, we just sort of covered our ears, and made Ross go out into the corridor and  ‘check it out’. One of Ross’ flatmates also appeared, and yelled a bit, and then the alarm went off, so it turned out okay in the end.

The next day, we went to Boscombe, and to the cliffs, and to an almost deserted shopping centre (which looked creepily like the set of a low budget horror movie about giant bugs eating people, or something.)

IMG_20130211_013353 IMG_20130211_013225 IMG_20130211_013001 IMG_20130211_012909

Most of all, I just really enjoyed sitting around, cooking, driving, eating  and drinking tea and having a really good weekend away after a few bouts of illness and general feeling-sorry-for-myself.

IMG_20130211_012634 IMG_20130211_012543 IMG_20130211_012322 IMG_20130210_170528 IMG_20130210_134453

We also, (in the creepy shopping centre) saw a shop called ‘Illuminati’ which claimed to sell Books, antiques and fine art, but actually contained nothing, and was clearly a not very well disguised Illuminati headquarters of some kind.

IMG_20130210_134538 IMG_20130211_012356 IMG_20130211_012436

I hope that you all had a good weekend, got more sleep than I did, and had just as much fun as I did.

Oh, and if ever you have a spare moment and need cheering up, take Emily into any Boots shop, and go look at the ‘adult’ supplies section. The look of uncontrollable amusement on her face will make your day. Or, you could just go  hang out in Bournemouth, I hear it never snows.