As of this morning, I am officially free of Exams!

I get a bit worked up around exam and revision time, and tend to spend hours at a time either revising, or else not revising, but also not doing anything else productive. I can’t seem to switch off and feel perpetually guilty for doing anything which is not revision related, even having a shower or eating breakfast.

The snow was a welcome relief from my schedule of working, worrying, staring blankly at  revision notes, working and feeling guilty about being asleep during perfectly good revision time.

I was working, and I had an exam, on Friday, and I was working on Saturday too, so on Sunday we decided to have a proper Snow Day and went sledding and attempted to build a snowman until some horses chased us from the field.

Snow Sledding backwards Snow Sledding Snow Trays (2) Snow Trays game face

Snow trays












Even the exam wasn’t too horrific. I turned up on time, which meant I had to wait in the corridor with a whole bunch of students which really just made me want to tear out my own ear drums, and then I remembered my seat number, for once, and it all started off quite smoothly. I did have a minor panic half way through when I looked across and realised that everyone else had red answer books and I just had the one white question paper, but then I remembered that they were mostly doing a Law exam, and I was doing Maths. Interestingly enough, when they came out of the exam discussing which essay question they did, I was still all like ‘What Essay?!’ until I remembered, again, that I was doing Maths and they were doing Law. 

You will be happy to know that in a departure from my recent good form, I was actually a little late for my last exam; this morning. I just sort of walked in carrying my calculator in one hand, two black biros in my mouth, and a mountain of snowy outdoor clothing in my other arm. Everyone turned and looked as I made my way over to my seat (on the farthest wall from the door) and the Invigilator sort of shuffled up and asked me if I was okay. The exam itself went as well as can be expected, and now I’m free to sleep and eat sandwiches and read books on the train, guilt free!