Exciting news reveal! How exciting.

I’m going to hand over now, I had to do a lot of wheedling and have several severe words to wangle this for you, so enjoy 😉


Now I know what you’re thinking. When you avid readers saw that exciting news was forecast for this blog, you were probably obediently energized. Well I’m here to tell you, guys, I think I might be it.

But never fear, you were probably not as dismayed by this as I was, the slightly embarrassing thing being that while my sibling seems able to whip up effortlessly amusing anecdotes about the seemingly mundane, I now feel it is safe to assume that this is not genetic.

So. Oxford.

I imagined that if I ever got in to Oxford it would be a great thing for my self confidence, making me feel intelligent and scholarly. In fact many people (mainly strangers) I speak to seem to be laboring under the impression that I am in fact, Isaac Newton, and am simply waiting for the proverbial apple to drop so I can gift the world with the next Hadron Collider. I am here to tell you that my life for the last few months, the experience of being surrounded by viciously bright people and new information, can be adequately summed up by these…

Beginning of Term

Middle of term

Towards the end of last term I would even go so far as to say this…

The pace of sheer information being hurled at us by lecturers and tutors is almost overwhelming but I am none the less enjoying the experience immensely, once you get over the fact that there is simply not enough hours in the day for perfectionism, you do the best you can with your tired brain in the few hours before it is due to be pulped again in a tutorial!

The start of the new term has been better already, now I have had some time to digest the material from last term and I am used to the hectic pace of life. The first week, where not much work was set, was enough to show me that, however much I complain and struggle with the huge work load, it’s still immensely preferable to being bored!

I was worried that everyone here would be practically aristocratic, and while there are a few characters… cough… monogrammed briefcase… cough, everyone is very ‘normal’ and friendly. That’s not to say that if you’re caught off guard over breakfast you won’t find yourself embroiled in a debate over the intricacies of American foreign policy, but I’ve found a well timed choking fit on small piece of bacon is enough to ensure that by the time you emerge, no one is any the wiser on your ignorance on any sort of policy.

The thing that keeps Oxford fun, despite how hard it can get, is without doubt the fact that the other three biochemists and I get on supremely well. It is a billion times easier to have other people to collaborate problem sheets with, and people who can put you under ‘laundry watch’. Laundry watch was necessitated when in the penultimate week of last term ( a particularly horrendous amount of work) Liv announced…

” I need to do some laundry but I’m worried that if I go down there the temptation to stick my head in the washing machine and drown myself will be too much…”

She wasn’t joking.

It’s not all bad though, we have a lecturer who is the spitting image of Mr Burns from the Simpsons. I’m sorry, but tell me I’m wrong…


It did lead to an awkward moment when our senior tutor asked us who had been teaching us biophysics all term. One glance around was enough to confirm to me that none of us know him as anything other than “Burnsey” and one glance at the tutor was again enough to inform me that Professor Ratcliffe, MA DPHIL HONS OX would probably not appreciate this affectionate little nickname. His loss. Anyway, the combination of our shifty looks and stifled giggles was enough to convince her we were either clinically retarded, or at best, mildly dangerous.


Thank you to our first lovely guest! I hope you enjoyed that. I have a maths exam today, so prepare for some crazy. ❤