Hello there, long time no see and all that. I won’t apologise for my recent lack of posts. Any posts posted over the past few weeks would have been entirely composed of non-cheery Bob Dylan lyrics and much babbling about my exam nerves.


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Anyhow, I’ve finished my French exam now, so that’s one down, two to go, and I think it’s gonna be okay.

Anyhow, I was super early for my exam, and because no one else was around I had a sudden panic that I was in fact really late. My french teacher appeared and because, historically, I was never on time for french lessons, she was shocked to see me so early. I still thought I was late and assumed that she had just finished seating all the other candidates. The result of all this was that we both gave a little sort of scream when we saw each other, which was not the coolest thing I have ever done.

It turned out that there were only two of us sitting that paper on that day. We were put into a tiny office to take the exam, with an invigilator. I was okay with this because I just wanted to get the exam over and done with, but the poor invigilator seemed to find this situation intensely awkward, and tried to make small talk with us as we waited to start the paper. We were talking about the nature of retakes and she joked “oh, well at least this is only the second time, it would be awful if you were retaking for the third time!” At which point I did the same thing I do when people ask me whether or not I got into University last year. I gave her a big reassuring smile and laughed as I told her that this was actually the third time I’d taken that particular exam. I like to employ this technique when I’m at work and the parents of my secondary school friends say things like “Oh you didn’t go to Uni’ then?” I just give them a huge smile and say that no, I didn’t, and I try to say it like ‘no I didn’t go to University yet, and yes it might look like cutting cheese is the only thing in my life right now, but you could not be more wrong… I also cut ham.’


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Anyhow, I don’t think the invigilator quite recovered  from this, and I have to admit that there’s not much to do when you only have two students to ‘patrol’, and so it was that half way through the exam I looked up to find her looking in my direction. I smiled, and she mistakenly thought that I was indicating I wanted her to come and help me. To my horror, she tiptoed over to my desk and waited expectantly. I improvised desperately and whispered ‘Can I have some paper please?’

Now, at this point I should let you know that I actually already had an awful lot of plain paper on my desk, and I tried to ignore this increasingly apparent fact as the invigilator turned, to look first at the paper, and then at me, and then back to the paper. “I’m sorry” she whispered “I don’t have more.” At this point, I just awkwardly tapped the pile in front of me and whispered back reassuringly; “it’s okay, I’ll just use this.”

Didn’t make the best impression on that invigilator, but I did get out of the exam alive, and toddled off to the station and got on a train and went to work. One down, two to go!


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After my interview at Queen Mary’s, (which I told you about, and during which I basically chatted happily away to the examiner about how much I love Christopher Marlowe and Salinger and all sorts of people, and how sad I am about the fact that they’re all, you know, dead), and various other developments including the fact that I have decided rather impulsively to learn Spanish. (I have been learning it for one day and I can so far say; Puedo hablar espanol, pero quiero comer ahora. Which is an actual sentence, which I’m quite proud of! Should have done a Spanish exam, grrrrrrrrrrrr), there is some exciting news on the way for my blog, and after exams I shall become my hermit-like self once more and create lots of pretty things for you. (They’re for me, really, but, I’ll take pictures; for you.)


So long, farewell. Try not to go crazy like I have.